Formula CarMaker Program

Conditions of participation in Formula CarMaker

  • Only non-commercial student racing teams are allowed to register.
  • Teams registered for Formula CarMaker will be provided with two free licenses of CarMaker pro and IPGKinematics by IPG Automotive. The licenses will be provided for one year and can be extended for subsequent years if the team renews its registration for Formula CarMaker.
  • The teams are permitted to use the IPG Automotive software exclusively for the purposes of their activities within their collegiate formula team and are not permitted to make the software available to any third party.
  • Each team must specifically name the two team members who will be using the IPG Automotive software. These two members will exclusively receive technical support as provided by IPG Automotive.
  • IPG Automotive is committed to neutrality with regard to the teams and will provide all teams with the same information. For this reason, the user support provided by IPG Automotive will be limited to questions concerning the use of IPG Automotive tools. Assistance regarding team or design specific questions will not be provided.
  • IPG Automotive further ensures its neutrality by publishing all users' inquiries and the corresponding answers in a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs), concealing the names of the inquirers.
  • The teams give IPG Automotive permission to use their name for the purposes of its marketing activities and consent to refer to IPG Automotive as their sponsor. 
  • The teams agree to receive e-mail notifications about events that are directly related to the Formula CarMaker program (e.g. Formula CarMaker training courses). This consent can be revoked at any time by e-mail to
  • IPG Automotive requires to be named and the IPG Automotive logo to be placed in all contexts in which team sponsors are mentioned (e.g. website, newsletter, displays).
  • Furthermore, the teams are obligated to place the IPG Automotive logo visibly on their vehicles. There are three different possibilities: either lateral, at the front or on the wing.
    Lateral view: good visibility on both sides, with a minimum of 100 square centimeters per side
    Front view: on the top of the nose of the vehicle, with a minimum of 100 square centimeters
    Wing: on the top of the wing, with a minimum of 100 square centimeters
  • The teams are required to send a photo of their race cars to IPG Automotive which shows the IPG Automotive logo on the car. The logo file can be downloaded from a hidden page. You will get further information with a confirmation mail of our CarMaker Service Team.