Open House: The Meeting Point for the Virtual Test Driving Industry

Large numbers of guests from across Germany and now also from around the world get together every year to talk about virtual test driving at Open House.

At Open House 2019 a new and exciting program about virtual test driving awaits you. Following the motto "Virtualization – The transformation of vehicle development", we will show you how to seamlessly develop, calibrate, test and validate your applications throughout the entire development process with our simulation solutions in the areas of ADAS and automated driving, powertrain, and vehicle dynamics. We also have some highlights of the upcoming Release 8.0 of the CarMaker product family in store for you.

Since 2005, we have presented the latest in virtual test driving as part of presentations and live sessions at Open House, where visitors learn about new product features, get to know collaborations and partnerships, and discover new exciting use cases. Despite the volume of information, ample time for questions and conversation – for instance during lunch or a coffee break – is always guaranteed.

Discover new innovations

The event program is divided into several sessions, which are organized around current areas of focus and innovation. In these sessions, a team of specialists will present the latest developments in our products. The variety of sessions is really unique, with both informative presentations and live demonstrations that offer you a direct insight into our products.

Learn more about the industry

An exhibition also takes place in parallel to the presentation program. Do you have questions about a particular presentation topic? Our exhibition booths are categorized by the topics featured in the program, and our team would be delighted to answer questions and engage in discussion. Many of our partners also display their newest products and examples of applications at their booths and are ready to answer any questions you might have.

Strengthen the network

Open House has established itself as an industry meeting point: Every year, many experts and other interested parties from the automotive manufacturing and supply industries as well as researchers from many technical fields attend. With Open House, we offer a space for mutual exchange with colleagues and the opportunity to make new contacts in the industry. 

At a glance

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Open House 2019 preliminary program
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