Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles: On the road to a safer future

With our simulation and testing solutions, we offer support to realize the vision of autonomous vehicles efficiently. From AV system layout, AI training, to AV software and hardware tests including high fidelity dynamics simulation – we provide single-source solutions tailored to your needs.

Your benefits at a glance

Physical validity &
high performance
vehicle, sensor technology, environment
Scalability &
seamless testing
desktop, HIL, HPC and cloud
Open interfaces & easy integration
code, models, tools, workflow
Reliable &
strategic partner
methods, processes and implementation

CarMaker: Turnkey simulation environment for developing autonomous driving functions

Validation & testing

  • Safe operation of your systems in the entire ODD through scalable testing of the full AV software stack in the virtual vehicle prototype
  • Validation of algorithms for perception, sensor fusion, planning and motion control
  • AV hardware tests on HIL test benches and on proving grounds (VIL tests)

AV system layout

  • Concept studies on optimal sensor setups (type, number und position of sensors)
  • Sensitivity analysis on the influence and choice of relevant vehicle components (steering, brake, suspension)
  • System design and adjustment of actuators for specific vehicle platforms

AI training

  • Training of perception algorithms with synthetic and automatically labeled data (“ground truth”) by the means of semantic segmentation as well as distance information from depth maps
  • Fast, flexible and safe training of decision-making algorithms using multiple scenario variations 

Vehicle dynamics simulation

  • AV vehicle dynamics analysis with highly accurate vehicle models (virtual prototypes)
  • Targeted analysis and evaluation of critical driving scenarios
  • Motion prediction for decision-making algorithms in the vehicle and test preparation on proving grounds


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Precise worldwide ultra HD Map Road Data Collection for IPG CarMaker

As basis for virtual Testing and Simulation
autonomous vehicles 3D-Mapping

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