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Newsletter April 2020

Newsletter February 2020

Apply & Innovate 2020: Call for Papers

Apply & Innovate: Call for Papers

Every two years, the expert forum for virtual test driving Apply & Innovate draws experts from industry and research from around the world. Use the...

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Vehicle-in-the-Loop tour in USA

Vehicle-in-the-Loop tour in the USA

Closing the gap between HIL  tests and real test driving with the vehicle-in-the-loop (VIL) method! Our US colleagues are going on a tour across the...

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Open House: News about the trade exhibition

In addition to exciting sessions and a preview of the new features coming up in the release 9.0, as every year we invite you to visit the trade...

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Success Story S.E.A. Datentechnik

V2X communication & ADAS test solutions

In our interview, Dr. Gerd Schmitz, CEO of S.E.A. Datentechnik, talks about his work on Car2Car (V2X) communication and the challenges that come with...

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Integration STÄHLE DRIVER in CarMaker

STÄHLE DRIVER MODULE integrated in CarMaker

Our partner STÄHLE Robot Systems is a leading global provider of robot drivers, steering robots and robot shifters. Due to the precise, reproducible...

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Schnittstelle PTV Vissim in CarMaker

New interface with the traffic simulation software PTV Vissim

Thanks to the new interface, CarMaker’s realistic full-vehicle behavior, its many model integration options and sensor modeling can now be combined...

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Newsletter October 2019

New location in Gothenburg, Sweden

Since September 1, we’ve been supporting our customers in Scandinavia from our new location in Gothenburg. We’re glad to welcome Mikael Skogsberg and...

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Save the Date – Open House on March 24, 2020

Exclusive insights into the release 9.0 of the CarMaker product family with live demos by our experts on stage, innovations to be discovered in the...

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IPG Automotive: Graphic out of CarMaker showing lidar sensor

Virtual tests with models of all real sensor technologies

For the detection of a vehicle’s environment for advanced driver assistance systems, the interaction between a variety of sensor technologies is...

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Video Interface Box X

The new Video Interface Box X offers increased functionality and flexibility. Via a newly created C code API, all implemented emulations can now be...

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Your presentation at Apply & Innovate 2020

From September 22 to September 23, 2020, the international technology conference Apply & Innovate will again provide a platform for exchange about the...

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Test Ware Package NCAP

Reach for the stars with NCAP tests

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Newsletter August 2019

Thorsten Pendzialek of Linde Material Handling

New success story: Linde Material Handling

In our interview with Thorsten Pendzialek of Linde Material Handling, you’ll find out how component models of forklifts were integrated into the...

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Training opportunities

Workshops and training courses by IPG Automotive

No matter if you’re a beginner, an experienced user or an expert – our training concept provides detailed insights into the functionalities of the...

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Key visual Apply & Innovate 2020

Apply & Innovate 2020 – Save the date

On September 22–23, 2020, our Apply & Innovate will again offer a platform for exchange about the latest trends in virtual vehicle development. Talks...

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Elliot Hemes, IPG Automotive UK

The new face in the UK

In May 2019, we set up our subsidiary in the UK. Meet Elliot Hemes, Managing Director of our new location.

Watch the video

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Key visual OpenDRIVE Import

OpenDRIVE import in CarMaker

CarMaker 8.0 makes it possible to directly import OpenDRIVE files, utilize them for the required use case, and edit them in the Scenario Editor if...

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Newsletter July 2019

IPG Automtoive in conversation with Hyundai

Success Story: IPG Automotive and Hyundai

Achieving the efficient development, pre-application and validation of steering components – at the Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center (HMETC), a...

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Audi Development Camp 2019

Audi Development Camp – Audi TT 4WD on the virtual Nürburgring

Audi Development Camp 2019: Four weeks, four student teams, expert mentors and one shared project assignment – the development and optimization of a...

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35th anniversary of IPG Automotive

Celebrating 35 years of IPG Automotive

On July 10, 1984 IPG Automotive was founded as a spin-off from Karlsruhe University. 35 years later, we have a team of some 280 employees at a total...

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Newsletter May 2019

IPG Automotive Open House Local Editions 2019

Open House Local Edition – China and USA

On May 8, the second Open House Local Edition was held in Shanghai where some 150 attendees gathered at the event. Our Local Edition in the US will...

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IPG Automotive Partnerschaften

Our partnerships at a glance

We’re committed to forging long-term, reliable partnerships that enable us to always find the best possible solution for your individual requirements....

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CarMaker Release 8.0

Release 8.0 of the CarMaker product family

Support throughout your entire vehicle development process

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Newsletter February 2019

Test automated driving functions – with the right sensor model

Precise real-time capable sensor models for automated driving function tests

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We continue our national and global expansion

As we keep growing, we are happy to offer our customers and partners even broader and more direct support for their projects from our new locations....

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Archive Newsletter 2018

RDX Test Generator

RDX Test Generator for powertrain development

Along with the release 7.0 of the CarMaker product family, we also introduced the RDX Test Generator as a new CarMaker add-on.

The powerful tool...

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CarMaker and PTV Vissim

PTV Vissim interface for the CarMaker product family

From November 2018, a PTV Vissim interface will be available as a new CarMaker add-on. Based on the prototype that we first presented with PTV Group...

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Deep Learning with CarMaker

Deep learning for the challenges of tomorrow

In order to enable semi-automated and highly automated driving in the future, algorithms based on artificial intelligence (AI) are a must. Using the...

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Open House 2019

On March 19, 2019 it’s again time for Open House

Do you already have plans for next year? On March 19, you should definitely pencil in our Open House 2019. We’re looking forward to welcoming you at...

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Apply & Innovate 2018: Find out more and register now!

Apply & Innovate 2018 has new and exciting presentations on the many possible applications of virtual test driving in store for you. A total of 38...

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CarMaker/TestBed: Powertrain components on the test bed

With our new TestBed product line, we’re expanding our solution portfolio in an area that is key for many of our customers: the calibration, testing...

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Parallelized testing in simulation thanks to HPC

Our mission is to identify the challenges that our customers face and offer them the right solutions. The gain in complexity that has an increasing...

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Apply & Innovate: Last chance to submit your topic

Tell us about your work with virtual test methods! In 2018, we will host another technology conference Apply & Innovate to offer a platform for...

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Become a CarMaker expert in three days

In the second week of April, we offered our CarMaker User Trainings again. Would you also like to participate? The next trainings are scheduled for...

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Release 7.0: Explore new features in May

As a solution provider for virtual test driving, we support your virtual vehicle development. This year, we have again added many new features for you...

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SimulOscar 2018: The winners have been chosen

Since 2015, the SimulOscar has been awarded to academic papers in the field of vehicle simulation. The competition originated from our interest in...

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Meet us in person at a number of events

At our booths, you can ask questions, see our products and experience the world of virtual test driving. From the latest of the release 7.0 and sensor...

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Test efficiently with the new M-Module M414

Do your systems use the SENT and SENT SPC communication protocols? Then we have the right testing hardware for you! Take a look at our new M-Module...

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A powerful pair: Even more advantages between CarMaker and ADTF

For safe and efficient development of advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving functions, it is important to use suitable software for...

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"Conditions have become extremely strict"

Along with electric and hybrid electric vehicles, emissions and exhaust gas are on everyone’s lips. New technologies and laws are making development...

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Rolling, rolling, rolling on the test bench

Since last year, the high altitude and climate roller test bench in Berlin has enabled vehicles to drive countless kilometers for RDE investigations....

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A look behind the scenes of the CarMaker Service Team

We followed our colleague Sophie around with a camera for a day. Take a look and see who receives many of the support requests that reach us and the...

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Real-Time Traffic Prediction via Highly Automated Fleet Communication

Connection and automation of communication in traffic

Driving the automated and connected communication between vehicles and infrastructure – that’s the goal of the research project Providentia. And we’re...

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Open House 2018: Why virtual testing is the answer

Today’s complexity in vehicle development can only be managed if virtual tests complement real-world investigations early on. In the sessions at Open...

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Customized solutions thanks to modules for NI hardware platform

Systems of National Instruments are widely used in vehicle development. We have made it our goal to provide our customers with strong support for...

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Archive Newsletter 2017

Expanded Scenario Editor for detailed test scenarios

Along with the release 6.0 of the CarMaker product family this spring, the Scenario Editor was implemented as a powerful tool for the fast and...

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Reasons to be excited for the release 7.0

You still have to wait a while but our major release in the second quarter of next year is already something to look forward to. Among other things,...

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Fostering young talent: Formula 4 in Japan

It is not enough for race drivers to drive well; they also need a reliable vehicle. Race cars are the product of countless hours of optimization, for...

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Season’s Greetings

It has almost become a tradition: our Christmas video. This year we have prepared four parts for you. Have you already watched the first two? Have...

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Christmas is a time for giving

In the automotive industry, there's a lot of talk about the future of mobility. We thought about this and decided how to contribute to a better future...

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Testing automated driving functions with an unprecedented level of detail

CarMaker and rFpro offer a solution for testing advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving functions

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Apply & Innovate 2018: Call for Papers is open

There are two highlight events coming up again next year: Open House in spring and Apply & Innovate in fall. You have the chance to actively...

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Open House 2018 in new location

A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say – which inspired us to share a video with you to reveal the location of our next Open House. We have...

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Wanted: Young talents in the field of virtual test driving

As it’s the start of a new term at universities around the world, we would like to remind you about our competition “SimulOscar 2018”. We want to know...

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Tested with success: Development of RDE-optimized powertrains

APL Automobil-Prüftechnik Landau GmbH effectively uses CarMaker on the test bench. Their engineers thus develop new propulsion systems that comply...

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Exchanging experiences with vehicle development in Japan

Presentations had their finger on the pulse of virtual development methods

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Efficient testing of real driving emissions in virtual test driving

Did you already know that you can realize RDE-compliant testing with CarMaker 6.0?

Please find more information about the new regulations since...

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Setting the course for growth in China as well

At our subsidiary IPG Automotive (Shanghai) Ltd., our colleagues are preparing for their move to larger office spaces – we’re excited to see what the...

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Efficient development with virtual prototypes

We will be at a number of trade events in fall where you can attend presentations by our colleagues about the development with virtual prototypes.


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Testing big: Vehicle-in-the-loop for trucks

Putting the truck of tomorrow through its paces in terms of safety

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Deep learning algorithms for autonomous driving fuctions

The validation of real world based imitation algorithms using CarMaker

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Training center in Korea now open to future experts

Since virtual test driving is steadily gaining importance in the Asian market as well, Kookmin University in Seoul now offers training courses...

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Fast and steady wins the race – and autonomous as well

Virtual testing, real driving: That was Formula Student 2017 in Germany

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Are you looking to test your steering systems? Look no further!

Benefit from our services and the Steering-in-the-Loop Test Bench at our headquarters

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IPG Automotive K.K. Japan: Growing staff, new location

As the need for virtual test driving keeps increasing in Japan, our colleagues have moved to a larger office space in order to better meet the demand.


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Is it you we’re looking for? Drive your career forward with us!

With the future on our doorstep, we are looking for new colleagues to shape this future with us. Take a look at our new career brochure!

Please find...

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Predicting the Euro NCAP rating

Would you like to influence what is written in the stars? With CarMaker and the Test Ware Package Euro NCAP, you can find out in advance how your...

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More pedestrians, more objects – in short: more reality

Virtual testing focuses on modeling the increasing complexity of the real world as early as possible. With the release 6.0, you can now use numerous...

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Experiencing safety function testing: VIL makes it possible

Don’t miss the article in ATZ 07-08 in which BMW engineers describe how they successfully integrated our vehicle-in-the-loop method into their...

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Simulation and Education

SimulOscar 2017 Award for Outstanding Research Projects

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Open House 2017: Powertrain Session

Why real-world driving simulation facilitates the development of new propulsion systems

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Open House 2017: Vehicle Dynamics Session

Why vehicle dynamics is of central importance for new concepts of mobility

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A Closer Look at the New Version of CarMaker

Get to know product innovations at the meeting point for virtual test driving

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Hands off, Eyes off, Mind off

New validation possibilities for ADAS and autonomous functions at PSA with the Vehicle-in-the-Loop method

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Open House 2017: Keynote Speech

Growing demands on systems, increasing test requirements, one solution – virtual test driving

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