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High-Performance Sound Module Allows for More Realistic Testing

SoundMaker Professional is a standalone 3D audio module for the CarMaker product range that provides users with a realistic sound experience during virtual test driving.

adlētec IT-Solutions developed the flexible and easy-to-use audio solution in close cooperation with representatives from industry and research, making the project ideally suited to the requirements of automotive manufacturers and suppliers as well as racing teams and scientists. SoundMaker Professional can also be obtained directly from IPG Automotive.

The audio module runs discreetly in the background and automatically detects TestRun starts. It is equipped with a wide range of predefined sound profiles that – like the other settings – can be operated quickly and easily using a tray application. Default options can be selected in just a few clicks, reducing direct interaction with the sound module to next to nothing.

Maximum adjustability thanks to SoundMaker Editor

In addition to the default profiles, users can also create customized profiles automatically using the SoundMaker Editor with profile wizard. All parameters offered by CarMaker are available and can be used to create mathematical rules for the new profile. The optimized calculation engine, which was specifically developed for SoundMaker Professional, adjusts itself to the system in question and makes dynamic use of multicore CPUs. The number of sources is only limited by the hardware deployed. The rule-based profiles allow for different symbolic equations, which means that position, direction, velocity, volume and pitch can be defined separately for each source. Experienced users can also take advantage of further features, such as configuring the noise attenuation model and the speed of sound.

Customizable listener position

SoundMaker Professional has its own OpenAL 3D audio engine that automatically updates sound sources based on their current positions in the virtual test drive and calculates the distance-based noise attenuation and the Doppler Effect. The position of the listener can also be manually changed before or during the TestRun. Thanks to the easy-to-use dialog, the listener can be positioned behind the steering wheel, at the side of the road or in the IPGMovie camera. This is even possible if the IPGMovie application is being run on another computer in the same network.

Communication via network protocol

In order to support the various hardware and software components available, SoundMaker Professional is connected to CarMaker Office or CarMaker HIL via a network protocol. This makes it easy to run the audio module on a different system and connect to the CarMaker instance on Linux or a HIL system. Furthermore, dynamic support is provided for several CarMaker instances running on the same host.

Discover the new sound experience for yourself by clicking on our YouTube channel.