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Formula Student Germany

Getting Closer to Victory Lap after Lap

They say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – and so does the journey of tomorrow’s development engineers, many of whom are part of Formula Student teams. They gain firsthand knowledge of everything that is involved in the development of a vehicle already during their studies. Step by step, they take care of every detail from beginning to end in order to achieve their goal: completing their race car. Every year, the race cars as well as the knowhow involved from planning the project to its technical implementation are judged in several international races. In August, it was Germany’s turn to host: The Formula Student race was held on the racing circuit Hockenheimring from August 9 to 14 and many teams entered the race with powerful race cars. However, the larger part of the work was carried out behind the scenes, during the months leading up to the racing season. At Germany’s universities, team members were recruited, sponsors were found, plans were made, parts were built and bought, tests were conducted, and the technical developments were advanced one stage at a time.

Here’s How It’s Done: From Virtual Development to Successful Racing

We know of the challenges involved in the vehicle development process. That is why it is our goal to support teams from all over the world. For years, we have helped academic racing teams in developing their cars with CarMaker and IPGKinematics to give them the opportunity to test their vehicles using virtual test driving, even before they start construction. Which is the best engine mapping? What is the best steering design to take curves perfectly? Which setups achieve the best lap times? With virtual test driving, these questions can already be answered at the beginning of the development process. The vehicles entered into Formula Student races are increasingly professionally developed and prove the efficiency of this method. We are happy to contribute to the teams’ success by supporting them in our Formula CarMaker Program: apart from the software, we offer training courses and answer any questions they might have. You can find further information on the program on our website. Our team at will be happy to answer your questions. It makes us proud to see that many teams that work with CarMaker have finished in the top places of the race in Germany.

The Winners at Hockenheim

After countless laps with race cars of over 70 teams and an overall evaluation, the judges announced the winners of Formula Student Combustion (FSC) and Formula Student Electric (FSE). The University of Stuttgart team was able to celebrate wins in both categories. The FSC winning teams are Technical University of Munich (1st place), University of Stuttgart (2nd place) and Graz AUS (3rd place). KIT Karlsruhe won in first place in FSE, followed by the Delft University of Technology (2nd place) and the University of Stuttgart (3rd place). We are celebrating with all winners and we are very pleased that three of the winning teams rely on virtual test driving.

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