Open House Local Editions

The CarMaker product family on tour

Since 2018, Open House Local Editions give us the opportunity to introduce groundbreaking innovations in virtual vehicle development to our clients and partners across the globe.

Open House in Germany with its feature previews of the latest releases of the CarMaker product family has been attracting a steadily growing audience for years, whereas local editions offer the opportunity to obtain information in your own country and to get in touch with the local IPG Automotive subsidiaries.

During the one-day events, visitors can expect a varied program consisting of presentations, live demos and an in-house exhibition.


Experts from local subsidiaries join forces with colleagues from the headquarters to showcase how our solutions drive forward your vehicle development and increase the efficiency of your processes. The presentations are given in the local language or interpreted simultaneously from English to the local language.
In fascinating keynote speeches delivered by local IPG Automotive clients and partners, you will hear about inspiring best practices and present developments. The following in-house exhibition allows visitors to exchange ideas and discuss specific questions.

Find out more about Open House Local Editions in your country here.