Open House Local Edition Korea

The CarMaker product family on tour

November 5, 2019 in Seoul

Last year, Open House went global, bringing the live sessions and product demos of the new features introduced in the latest release of the CarMaker product family to our customers and partners around the world. While the meeting point for the virtual test driving industry in Germany is going strong, drawing more than 500 attendees to Darmstadt in 2019, our Open House Local Editions have reached new international audiences. After a second instalment in China and a successful debut in the US this year, we’re now bringing the event to Korea.

On November 5, 2019 in Seoul, we will devote an entire day to virtualization and the transformation of vehicle development. In live sessions, our experts will walk you through the generation, management and use of the virtual test environment and highlight its many applications. Our customers and partners will also give you exclusive insights into inspiring use cases and projects realized with our products. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the trade exhibition (PIDOTECH, ControlWorks, STARMATA, Kookmin University iVDL) and network with our own experts and industry peers.