Highlights Open House: Expert Insight

Our new visualization tool MovieNX is just one of the many innovative highlights of our release 10.0. Get to know our new junction model, gain insights into our sensor model range and get excited for the video presenting the use of CarMaker in the cloud and with Docker technology.

Follow our experts around: watch how they automate scenario generation and create countless variants for ADAS/AV use cases with our toolbox “ScenarioRRR”. The extended sensor GUI allows for an easy distribution of the computational processes related to the sensor system across multiple graphics cards (MultiGPU) on one system as well as multiple graphics cards on different systems (GPU cluster).
At IPG Automotive, hardware and software go hand in hand. We therefore invite you to discover our new setup with CarMaker and the NVIDIA AGX system. This setup enables to test different sensor models in a closed-loop simulation.
We also extended the functionality of our IO configurator for an easy transmission of data.

To experience how the real and virtual world merge into one, you can explore our vehicle-in-the-loop method. Because live demos are not available at the moment, we will demonstrate the new possibilities of this method in one of our videos.
Are you already familiar with our Steering-in-the-Loop Test Bench? Discover its advancements and first-class performance, and find out more about possible applications in automated and autonomous driving.

These and other captivating topics are waiting for you – we will keep you posted!

How can you beautify scenes for MovieNX?

  • Post-processing of a scene from the Scenario Editor with the UnigineEditor
  • Integrating the scene in MovieNX: highway scene and city scene
  • Interview with our partner UNIGINE

How can you realize continuous integration and testing?

  • The influence of over-the-air software updates on development processes in the automotive industry
  • How CarMaker supports the transformation of development processes
  • Exemplary application of CarMaker in a continuous integration and testing process

How can you use CarMaker for full-stack testing of autonomous vehicles?

  • What does full-stack testing of AV software mean?
  • Necessary steps to integrate an AV software stack into the simulation platform CarMaker
  • Demo of a closed-loop simulation of the Baidu Apollo stack with CarMaker

What does physical sensor modeling mean?

  • Explanation of the different modeling stages of sensors
  • Application of these different sensor model classes when testing ADAS and AV driving functions
  • Novelties in lidar and ultrasound simulation in the class of raw signal interfaces (RSI)

How can you achieve the best system integration for your virtual test drive?

  • Demonstration of the Ultrasonic Sensor Box using the example of park assist
  • Camera-based AEB demo live from the road
  • Usability of VIL throughout the development process

How can you edit scenes for MovieNX?

  • The new experience in CarMaker
  • Environment settings and camera parameters
  • Live editing of a scenario
  • IPGMovie and MovieNX scene compatibility

What’s the common base for cross-domain function development?

  • Importance of vehicle dynamics in day-to-day real world scenarios
  • Overall vehicle as an interconnected system
  • Chassis development beyond vehicle dynamics for ADAS/AV and powertrain applications

How will full vehicle testing evolve in the near future?

  • Transferring full vehicle testing from road to rig
  • Injecting the virtual environment into the real-world vehicle sensors –  from GPS to traffic sign recognition sensors
  • Controllable and defined testing environment to complement real-life testing
  • Electric vehicle development environment

How can your ADAS development toolchain benefit from parallelization approaches?

  • Discussing vertical and horizontal parallelization with CarMaker
  • First steps with the new user interface for sensor configuration
  • Distributing complex physical sensor model setups across multiple devices for real-time data streams
  • Extensive generation of sensor data using Docker technology in the cloud

Which CarMaker 10 features help you model inner city road geometries?

  • new object type "raised profile" allows for user-friendly definition of sidewalks and traffic islands
  • three new junction types
    • the Extended Junction enables the individual definition of junction surfaces
    • the Virtual Junction allows for the easy creation branches without interrupting the geometry of the main road
    • the Direct Junction serves as a connecting element and supports the creation of freeway exit or entrance ramps in particular

How can you handle and vary the huge amount of scenario input data?

  • Import of annotated sensor data from freely available data sets
  • Automated scenario generation with ScenarioRRR
  • Analysis and classification of data
  • Variation of logical scenarios with maneuver extraction
  • Road variation

How can you validate radar sensors in the loop?

  • Radar sensor as a key component to develop autonomous driving functions
  • Ground truth data and GPU-based ray tracing in CarMaker for radar applications
  • Radar Target Simulator, a technology to validate radars in the loop
  • Insights on existing and future technologies

How can you easily set up the Xpack4 Hardware IOs?

  • Introduction of the Graphical User Interface – IO Configurator
  • Easy operation of hardware with just a few clicks
  • Enables quick modification of the hardware configuration

How can a central infrastructure for virtual prototypes scale virtual vehicle development?

  • Strategic engineering towards digital transformation
  • Solutions for efficient building and management of virtual prototypes throughout their lifecycle
  • Processes and methods for virtual vehicle development
  • Tools for intuitive access to virtual prototypes and non-geometric data

How can you realize continuous steering integration?

  • Easy use of all common steering systems on the test bench
  • CarMaker for an ideal integration into the development process
  • Test bench in action – ISO Lane Change
  • Features: Driver-in-the-Loop, Hands Off Clutch

How can you integrate CarMaker into ADAS/AV test setups?

  • Use of the NVIDIA Drive AGX development board to replace the ADAS/AV ECU and to create a complete closed-loop integration platform
  • Use of a Video Interface Box X for a camera-based AEB demo
  • Sending lidar data from the Lidar RSI via the Velodyne Interface build by IPG Automotive and validation of the transfer/interface on the AGX board
  • Advanced ADAS/AV platform using the RSI sensor computer for application of multi-sensor stacks
  • Development DrivePX2 to Drive AGX Xavier – the AV software stack from NVIDIA allows to build up AV driving functions

How does the automotive transformation affect future innovation in simulation?

  • Insights of Prof. Sax from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) on automotive IT transformation
  • AI-driven simulation approaches facing the challenges in automotive development
  • How research projects lay the foundation for further innovation
  • A glimpse into IPG Automotive UK’s take on research projects