Session 2

Using the virtual test environment – System integration and flexible scalability

We will show you how to make flexible use of the virtual test environment for different applications. This session will focus on how to seamlessly conduct tests in the office, on the test bench and in the cloud. One of the session’s highlights will be the live demo of the test environment in the cloud. More highlights:

  • Scalable use of CarMaker with high-performance computing (HPC) and utilization in the cloud
  • Distributed sensor simulation on systems with multiple graphics cards (GPUs)
  • Semantic segmentation to train AI-based systems in the virtual world
  • The TestBed product line for powertrain test beds
  • Seamless use of driver models for RDX engineering
  • Advancement of the Steering-in-the-Loop Test Bench
  • Model-based steering system analysis and steering model parameterization for automotive systems engineering

Program overview