Strong interdisciplinary interest in virtual test driving

Review Open House 2014

A bright blue sky, record attendance and a burning question: "What’s new in the field of virtual test driving?"

The conditions surrounding the Open House were perfect yet again. 280 users and prospects met with our product experts and received a warm welcome by Managing Director Steffen Schmidt. In his subsequent keynote, he provided the guests with an inspiring overview of the current developments and challenges in virtual test driving.

During the course of the day, the participants received exclusive insights into the latest functions and possible applications of CarMaker in various presentations that introduced new features and included live demonstrations.

In his keynote on the trends and challenges of testing driver assistance systems, Professor Markus Krug from the University of Applied Sciences Munich opened an informative series of talks. He presented current trends in the field of driver assistance systems, which are marked by increasingly higher levels of integration and autonomy of the systems.


To control and manage the complexity of integrating future systems, Krug advocated the use of a consistent integration platform, based on which the total system could be validated and tested at any stage of the V-Process. This, he said, reduced the risk of developments heading in the wrong direction and undesirable interactions with other functions of the vehicle.

The keynote created the ideal setting for attendees to get to know the wealth of new options provided by the CarMaker integration platform.

Professor Markus Krug from the University of Applied Sciences Munich

First session: Consistent developing and testing of today's and future driver assistance systems

Realistic traffic environment and new sensors for Driver Assistance Systems

The virtual traffic environment of CarMaker has been significantly enhanced. Detectable road signs, traffic lights, road markings and new visual effects such as reflections from puddles and light sources of varying intensity make the simulation even more realistic. If desired, the traffic objects will autonomously move in the virtual environment. In addition, new sensor models have been integrated into CarMaker.

Vehicle-in-the-Loop: Real-world road tests in a virtual world

The Vehicle-in-the-Loop technology closes the gap between HIL simulation and real-world road tests. This method, for example, can be used in the development of parking-assist and emergency-brake- assist systems as well as autonomous driving functions. The guests at the Open House had the opportunity to experience the Vehicle-in-the-Loop method in a live demo, as passengers in a test car that was steered into a virtual parking space of simulated vehicles on the outdoor premises.

Second session: Modeling and integration with virtual test driving

Enhanced productivity - current models and new interfaces

With the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) CarMaker 4.5 provides a new interface that simplifies the integration of models from different tools and significantly facilitates the model exchange between OEMs and suppliers.

Johannes Frimberger from BMW demonstrated how a consistent X-in-the-Loop test chain for the development of adaptive light functions was realized based on FMI.

Third session: Fuel efficiency, emissions and e-mobility

The presentation of new tire models in CarMaker, linking with F-Tire and integration of real-time capable multi-body system suspensions particularly impressed the vehicle dynamics experts in the audience.

Set for future powertrain concepts and Real Driving Emissions (RDE)

In the future, CarMaker will provide clearly enhanced support for testing new powertrain topologies and components through modular powertrains.

Niko Papadopoulos from Gamma Technologies showed how detailed GT powertrain and thermal models can be integrated into CarMaker to optimize thermal management in the vehicle, for example.

Christian Disch from the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) presented the Engine-in-the-Loop test bench of his institute and explained how Real Driving Emissions are analyzed here using CarMaker.

Fourth session: New potentials of vehicle dynamics simulation

In the final session, participants learned how vehicle properties can be optimized and evaluated through virtual benchmarking. Virtual benchmarking, for instance, is used to optimize a steering system on the Steering-in-the-Loop test rig. Therefore, the new KnC importer significantly simplifies the parameterization of the vehicle models.

Open House upshot: An industry meeting with highly informative content

In addition to informative presentations, the Open House, as in previous years, again offered plenty of opportunities for exchanges with colleagues and the experts from IPG. At a special exhibition, IPG and numerous partners such as AVL, FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik, Gamma Technologies, ETAS, RTT, imc Meßsysteme, Maplesoft and Sebastien Loeb Racing showed their tools and solutions in live demos.

The participants' response was very positive across the board: “The Open House was again a good opportunity to obtain first-hand information about new application options provided by CarMaker and to become acquainted with the methods of neighboring disciplines.” Steffen Schmidt, Managing Director of IPG Automotive GmbH, was pleased as well. Delighted about the high attendance rate, he also regards the Open House as a source of inspiration for the IPG team: “From the discussions with our users we gain new impulses for the further development of our simulation solutions and test systems,” he said.