Facilitating the development of advanced driver assistance systems using virtual test driving

In collaboration with the Munich University of Applied Sciences, we regularly offer a special seminar focusing on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The aim of the seminar is to use simulation solutions and virtual test driving to support cutting-edge developments in advanced driver assistance systems. 



Who can participate

The seminar is intended for technical experts and managers of automotive manufacturers, suppliers and engineering companies, universities and research institutes in the fields of software engineering, simulation, real-world test driving, process and method development, and measurement.

What you can expect

The seminar presents the continuous development of an ADAS system along the whole V model, with concrete examples incorporated into the hands-on sessions over the course of the seminar. The virtual test driving demonstration using a maneuver and event-based testing approach is informed by real-world scenarios. Overall, the seminar offers you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of ADAS and to exchange expertise with ADAS experts and other participants.

At a glance

Agenda of the Hands-on ADAS Seminar

First day

1 - V-model for ADAS development

2 - Defining customer requirements

3 - Defining test cases for validation

4 - ADAS system specification

5 - Introduction to virtual test driving

6 - Defining test cases for verification

Second day

7 - Implementing an ADAS function I

8 - Implementing an ADAS function II

9 - Performing test runs for verification

10 - Test drive I

Third day

11 - ADAS function in a HIL and VIL environment

12 - Minor V-cycle optimization

13 - Test drive II

14 - ADAS roadmap and its implications for development

15 - Summary/outlook

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Flyer Hands-on ADAS Seminar
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