Video presentations Apply & Innovate – TECH WEEKS

Watch exciting video contributions on all aspects of virtual test driving

Apply & Innovate – TECH WEEKS 2020 were all about powerful topics, innovative use cases and experts who provide deep insights into the development work of well-known companies. Once again this year, we offered you a varied program with a total of 40 video presentations.

We have uploaded the videos of our speakers to our website.
The presentations focus on different topics ranging from virtual prototypes to powertrain to vehicle dynamics and data management.

You can still watch the presentations on demand and free of charge, as often as you like.

Find detailed information about our topics here. If you want to find out more about our speakers, you will find an overview here.

Autonomous Vehicles

Sensing the Environment


Synthetic LiDAR Data Generation Using CarMaker Free Space Sensor Plus
Dr. Ivan Stepanov, Valeo Schalter und Sensoren GmbH
(PDF, 1.43 MB)

Over-the-Air Real-time Automotive Radar HIL with CarMaker for ADAS and AD Validations
Dr. Kasra Haghighi, Uniquesec AB and Toyota Motor Europe
(PDF, 14.2 MB)

Developing an Object and Event Detection and Recognition Module for Autonomous Vehicles Using Simulators
Souvik Mandal and Nikhil Tatavarthy Venkat, Indian Institute of Technology Indore
(PDF, 0.56 MB)

Connected Vehicles and Platooning


Closed Loop Connected Autonomous Vehicle Data Logging and Perception Testing Using High Fidelity Synthetic Environments
Ash Naik & Dr. Jakobus Groenewald, National Instruments and University of Warwick (WMG)
(PDF, 3.75 MB)

V2X Day 1 Use Case Testing with CarMaker
Dr. Gerd Schmitz, S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH
(PDF, 3.8 MB)

Virtual Prototypes

Vehicle Dynamics

Data Sources and Generation of Virtual Scenarios

Data Sources and Generation of Virtual Scenarios


Deterministic Stress Testing Method for Generation of Critical Scenarios
Demin Nalic, Graz University of Technology
(PDF, 2.76 MB)

Real World Accident Scenario Simulation with CarMaker - On the importance of detailed pre-crash-scenarios
Angela Schubert, Verkehrsunfallforschung an der TU Dresden GmbH
(PDF, 14.74 MB)

Edge Case Hunting in Scenario Based Virtual Validation of AVs
Dr. Henning Lategahn, atlatec GmbH
(PDF, 39.34 MB)

Centralized Simulation Data Management

Centralized Simulation Data Management


SDM4CM – Data Management for CarMaker
Dr. Alex Ehrler & Albrecht Pfaff, PDTec AG
(PDF, 2.12 MB)