Find out about innovative projects – Take a look at the presentations 2016

You attended this year’s Apply & Innovate and would like to take a second look at your favorite presentations? You couldn’t be there but you’re interested in finding out which exciting projects were introduced? Here you can find all the presentations available for download.

The presentations of the Apply & Innovate 2014 and 2012 are available in our Media Library.

Presentations – First conference day, September 20

Virtual prototypes

Keynote speech
(PDF, approx. 1 MB)

Robert Chase, Jaguar Land Rover Limited

Implementing a Global, Modular HIL Strategy for Automotive Electronics at PSA
(PDF, approx. 1 MB)

Antoine Saulgrain, PSA Peugeot Citroën

Vehicle dynamics – Control systems

Design and Introduction of a New Toolchain for Virtual ESC Validation
(PDF approx. 3,1 MB)

Christoph Kossira, Elektronische Fahrwerksysteme GmbH

Using CarMaker @ Electronic Air Suspension Systems
(PDF, approx. 2,8 MB)

Stefan Mölle, Continental Teves AG & Co. oHG

Environment and scenario generation

Importing the Real World into CarMaker
(PDF, approx. 2,4 MB)

Dr. Henning Lategahn, atlatec GmbH

Powertrain – Real Driving Emissions (RDE)

Simulation Requirements on Parameters Like Altitude with the Focus on RDE
(PDF, approx. 1,5 MB)

Dr. Stefan Bender, HORIBA Europe GmbH

Analysis for Basically Effect of Various Parameters on Real-World Driving Emissions/Consumption
(PDF, approx. 3,1 MB)

Prof. Dr. Kaname Naganuma, Kanazawa Institute of Technology

RDE Engineering at the Engine Test Bench
(PDF, approx. 1,5 MB)

Jan Gerstenberg, Bosch Engineering GmbH

Influencing Factors on Particle Formation and Optimisation Potential under Real Driving Conditions
(PDF, approx. 5,5 MB)

Christian Lensch-Franzen, APL Automobil-Prüftechnik Landau GmbH

Vehicle dynamics – Steering systems

e²-Lenk – A Novel Concept for Power Steering Using Wheel Individual Electric Drivetrain

Dr. Marcel Ph. Mayer, Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG

Vertical Dynamic Test Rig for Integration in a Realtime Vehicle Simulation Model
(PDF, approx. 2,3 MB)

Prof. Dr. Marcus Jautze, University of Applied Sciences Landshut

Powertrain – Continuous use of real-world simulation in vehicle development

Development of X-Domain Control Unit Functions
(PDF, approx. 1,7 MB)

Amir Sardari, Robert Bosch GmbH

Using Virtual Test Driving to Analyze Weather-Dependent Energy Consumption in Electric Vehicles
(PDF, approx. 4,9 MB)

Stefan Köhler, FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik

Fuel Economy and Certification Simulation with CarMaker

Jie Zhong, China Euro Vehicle Technology AB

Development methods

Trade-Off Based Holistic Automotive System Design

Jörg Holzmann, Hochschule München

Graph-Based Test Management for Complex Systems with Many Variants
(PDF, approx. 0,6 MB)

Sebastian Surmund, ITK Engineering AG

Presentations – Second conference day, September 21

Driving simulators

Virtual Testing and Subjective Assessment of Chassis Components in the Stuttgart Driving Simulator
(PDF, approx. 1,5 MB)

Minh Tri Nguyen, IVK, FKFS (Stuttgart), Honda R&D Europe GmbH

„ simulator“ - A New Immersion
(PDF, approx. 1,7 MB)

Thomas Tüschen, TU Dresden

Using CarMaker to Estimate Drivers’ Left Turning Behavior for a Speech-based Intersection Assistant

Dr. Martin Heckmann, Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH

ADAS – Pre-crash and accident research

Probabilistic Sensor Models for Virtual Validation – Use Cases and Benefits
(PDF, approx. 1,2 MB)

Dr. Robin Schubert, BASELABS GmbH

Motorcycle Stability: Riding Safety Improvement via ADAS and Semi-Active Applications
(PDF, approx. 4,8 MB)

Dr. Elisabetta Leo, Soluzioni Ingegneria srl

Driver assistance systems I

Using an HIL Test Bench with MotorcycleMaker to Implement an Automotive Camera in a Motorcycle
(PDF, approx. 1,8 MB)

Paul Schlitz and Tobias Butz, Continential Engineering Services GmbH

Test Methods for Highly Automated Driving Functions

Marc René Zofka, FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik

Integrated Simulation of Microscopic Traffic Flow and Vehicle Dynamics
(PDF, approx. 1 MB)

Jakob Kaths and Sabine Krause, TU München


Tailored Testmanager Concepts 4 CarMaker
(PDF, approx. 2 MB)

Thorsten Pendzialek and Mario Kuhn, Linde Material Handling GmbH

“Vehicle in the Loop” Test Methodology for Tractor Efficiency Optimization
(PDF, approx. 3,4 MB)

Waldemar Stark, John Deere GmbH & Co. KG

Bicycle Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulator for Braking Dynamics Assistance System
(PDF, approx. 1 MB)

Prof. Dr. Martin Pfeiffer and Cornelius Bott, Hochschule Pforzheim

Driver assistance systems II

Continuous Testing over the Entire Development Process of Autonomous Longitudinal Control with Driving Advices
(PDF, approx. 3,6 MB)

Dominik Dörr and Björn Fath, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Institute of Vehicle System Technology

Simulative Design of Predictive Longitudinal Guidance Controllers
(PDF, approx. 4,7 MB)

Thorsten Meister, TU Braunschweig

Advanced GNSS and Vehicle-Sensor Based Data Fusion for Automotive Self-Localization

Matthias Wankerl, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Institute of Theory and Systems Optimization in Electrical Engineering (ITE)

Powertrain – New concepts and pre-calibration

Integrated Real Driving Simulation on a High Dynamic Powertrain Test Bench
(PDF, approx. 2,9 MB)

Dr. Thomas Haidinger, KS Engineers

Virtual Calibration of TCU Shift Strategy Software Functions

Mario Hasel, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Institute of Product Engineering (IPEK)

Driver assistance systems III

Validation of Controller Behavior and Actuator Control for the Development of Automated Driving Functions during the Pre-Development Phase

Alexander Freier (Gigatronik Ingolstadt GmbH) and Peter Bargfrede (Audi AG)

  Virtual Active Head-Lamp Function Development with CANoe and CarMaker
(PDF, approx. 3,4 MB)

Dr. Matthijs Klomp and Victor Wareborn, Volvo Car Corporation

Safety-Efficacy Assessment of Highly Automated Vehicles

Robert Matawa, TÜV SÜD Auto Service GmbH