Call for Papers: Apply & Innovate 2020 – the expert forum for virtual test driving

Technology conference on virtual test driving

In 2020, Apply & Innovate will once again offer the ideal platform for exchange about state-of-the-art technologies, cutting-edge methods, research findings and the latest concepts surrounding seamless vehicle development.

We cordially invite you to present your own project that you have implemented or developed with our products at the technology conference and to introduce your subject to a broad forum of experts comprised of international colleagues, researchers and users.

The presentations should last around 20 minutes.

Are you interested in giving a presentation?

Your topic proposal (in English) should include the following information:

  • Title of the presentation
  • Author(s) with company address and contact details
  • Brief summary (max. one A4 page) in English
  • Topic and statement on the innovative qualities of the work
  • Company logo (EPS file)

Please refer to the Call for Papers for detailed information and use the templated provided for your submission.

Deadlines & Downloads

Submission C4P EN

Contact Information


Please make sure that you have read the information document and used the submission template.

* Information required