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IPGMovie cannot be started in Windows 10: Windows shows white preview


Under certain circumstances IPGMovie tries to start on a not accessible Windows Desktop area. It seems like IPGMovie is not able to start. This issue often occurs if a laptop with a docking station and external screens are used. During daily work it might happen that IPGMovie saves his last position in a not accessible area if the laptop is attached/detached from the external screens.


  • Hovering the mouse over IPGMovie icon shows a white preview window
  • IPGMovie cannot be accessed and moved in Windows (Windows + TAB OR Shift + Right-Click)
  • Tcl-Bug ERROR: can’t read “View(Wnd1)”: no such element in array if Video Interface Box is used.


Precondition: IPGMovie must not be open (so please close the window at the beginning)

  1. Go to your user directory in the Windows Explorer (mostly C:\Users\NAME)
  2. In Windows Explorer select View > Hidden Items (if not already selected)
  3. Then, at the very bottom of the list, several CarMaker Config files will appear. For IPGMovie it is called .IPGMovie
  4. Option A: You can simply delete the file. This will remove all settings from IPGMovie and it will start as if it was completely reinstalled.
    Option B: Open the file with a simple text editor. Search in the file for the key “set Pref(Window.Main) +576+325″ (see picture above). Here probably something like +2500+300 is set. Simply reduce the implausible value e.g. by a factor of 10 and save the file.
  5. Open IPGMovie again
Need technical support?
  • Date: 01.09.2021
  • Product: CarMaker
  • Version: 10.1
  • Component: IPGMovie
  • Language: English