RoadBox – Compact Chassis, 7 Slots for 3U cPCI Boards, Height 4U



  • Compact mobile subrack design 
  • Seven 3U cPCI Slots 
  • Usable for up to 10 M-Modules + 1 standard 3U-cPCI IO module 
  • Vertical card mounting orientation 
  • 2 rendundant power supplies
    - CPCI AC power supply, 250W, 100..240V, 50/60, active PFC 
    - 12V DC power supply for mobile usage, 5..30V, 250W

Technical Data

cPCI backplane
  • 3U, 7slots, 64bit, system slot right
cPCI IO voltage
  • 3,3V 
  • 5V (optional)
Card mounting orientation
  • Vertical
​​​​​​​Power supply
  • Two redundant power supplies:

            -250W cPCI power supply with active PFC, 90..240V, 50/60Hz, max 5Amps 

            - 250W, 12V ATX power supply, 5 ..30VDC, max 10Amps
​​​​​​​Heat dissipation
  • From the lower front panel to the rear side with one 90mm fan
​​​​​​​Dimensions (WxHxD)
  • 235mm x 195mm x 255mm (without handles, including feet)
​​​​​​​Battery supply connector
  • Neutrik PowerCon NAC3FCA 
  • For more information see
​​​​​​​Temperature range, DC-powered
  • -40..+65°C
​​​​​​​Temperature range, AC-powered
  • -25..+70°C, 
  • >50 °C: OutputPower decreases by 2.5% per kelvin
  • 4,2 kg
​​​​​​​Scope of Delivery
  • RoadBox, DC power supply connector, power cord (region specific), covers for empty slots on request