M440 – Programmable Resistor Array


  • Resistor range: 16Ohms up to 8MOhms
  • Number of channels: 6 
  • Maximum voltage: +/-40V 
  • Maximum current: 150mA, depending on the configured resistor 
  • Maximum power: 500mW 
  • Overload protection 
  • Stable resistor value after 1 ms 
  • Galvanic isolation between system power and each channel
  • Current gauge feature

Technical Data

Number of channels
  • 6
Maximum voltage
  • 40V
Overload protection
  • 500mW per channel
Maximum current
  • 150mA per channel
Resistor value range
  • 16Ohm .. 8MOhm
Accuracy of the configured resistor
  • 1% (>200kOhm: increasing step width due to a limited max. resistance in parallel connection)
Accuracy of current measuring
  • 2% +/-10 mA over the full range
Address space
  • A08D16
  • 25 pin SUBD receptacle connector , female

  • Applying resistance to signal lines to simulate corrosion of connectors 
  • Emulating analog sensors (e.g. temperature or pressure)