M407 – SPI Interface


  • 5 slaves controllable by master channel
  • Reduction of EMI and maximization of baud rate by use of Adaption Box
  • Communication between M407 and Adaption Box via LVDS
  • Maximum SPI clock frequency: Slave 12MBaud; Master: 20MBaud
  • Several SPI sensor emulations available, e.g. Bosch SMA550 / SMA560

Technical Data

  • 1 master or 2 slaves, configurable
Supported communication modes
  • Simple SPI controller 
  • Mail box mode (addressable registers) 
  • Several special sensor emulation modes. Please ask IPG for further details
Maximum baud rate
  • Slave: 0 .. 12MBaud 
  • Master: 0 .. 20MBaud
Number of bits per frame
  • 128
Bus voltage
  • Bus voltage is compatible to 3.3V and 5V SPI-busses
Overvoltage protection
  • 24V (implemented in the adaption box)
Supply current
  • 5V / 700mA
Address space
  • A08 and A24
  • 2x 15pin SubD, female (Adaption Box)
Scope of Delivery
  • M-Module M07, LVDS2SPI Box, LVDS Cable

The M407 itself is an SPI over LVDS module. To generate real SPI signals the external signal adaptation box (LVDS2SPI converter) has to be used. The LVDS2SPI converter and the cable are included in the delivery.


  • Emulating standard or custom SPI based sensors like gyroscopes, accelerometers, and temperature sensors
  • Providing 1 master or 2 slave SPI communication channels to interface any SPI component

  • M405 For LIN communication interfaces
  • M410 For CAN FD communication interfaces
  • M406 For PSI5 communication interfaces
  • M414 For SENT communication interfaces