M406 – PSI5 Interface


  • 8 independent slave channels 
  • 1 master channel 
  • Up to 4 sensors per channel 
  • Support of PSI5 Rev 1.3 
  • Galvanical isolation of all channels against each other and against system supply 
  • User defined baudrates between 1kBaud and 1MBaud 
  • Cycle time configurable between 50us and 300ms 
  • User configurable initialization phase 
  • Error detection: CRC3 or Parity 
  • Supported Modes:
    - Asynchronous Operation (PSI5-A) 
    - Synchronous Parallel Operation (PSI5-P) 
    - Synchronous Universal Operation (PSI5-U)
    - Synchronous Daisy Chain Operation (PSI5-D)
  • Any number of data bits from 0 to 32 
  • Manual or automatic re-initialization due to under voltage condition 
  • Supply voltage range : 5..25V

Technical Data

PSI5 channels
  • Each channel is galvanically isolated against each other and against system supply
Supported slaves per channel
  • 4
Baud rate
  • 1kBaud .. 1MBaud
Supported PSI5 specification versions
  • 1.3 and partially 2.0
Output stage supply voltage
  • 7..27V, reverse voltage protected
Overvoltage protection
  • -30V .. +30V
Supply current
  • 500mA
Address space
  • A08D16 and A24D32 
  • The PSI5 registers are available in the A24D32 address space only
Available connectors
  • 25 Pin SubD connector, female


  • Emulating crash sensors for testing airbag ECUs in passenger safety systems 
  • Interfacing sensors and actuators in powertrain and vehicle dynamic applications

  • M407 For SPI based sensor emulations
  • M410 For CAN FD communication interfaces
  • M405 For LIN communication interfaces
  • M414 For SENT communication interfaces