M404 – Waveform Generator


  • 4 independent high speed waveform generators 
  • 4 independent low speed waveform generators 
  • Maximum output frequency: 1.75 MHz for high speed channels, 435 kHz for low speed channels 
  • Frequency resolution: 0.00035 Hz 
  • 2 arbitrary waveforms for each channel, each defined by 64 k 12 bit-words, adjustable gain 
  • Fast switching between the waveforms 
  • Weighted intermixing of both tables of a channel
  • Adjustable gain
  • Output voltage range: -10V .. +10V 
  • Output voltage res.: 12bit, corresponding to 4,8mV 
  • Perfectly designed for usage with passive wheelspeed sensor simulation for trucks
    - Simulation of loosing and missing teeth 
    - Wheel angle resolution: 0.0055deg 
    - Wheel rotation speed resolution: 0.021rpm 
    - Maximum wheel rotation speed: 50,000rpm
  • Galvanic isolation 
  • In the field hardware upgrade by updating the FPGA

Technical Data

Output channels
  • 4 independent high speed waveform generators 
  • 4 independent low speed waveform generators
Output voltage range
  • -10V .. +10V
Output voltage resolution
  • 12bit (corresponds to 4,8mV)
Output current per channel
  • 20mA with internal supply 
  • 85mA with external supply (optional)
Maximum output frequency
  • 1.75MHz for high speed channels 
  • 435kHz for low speed channels (depending on user waveform)
Frequency resolution
  • 0.00035Hz (depending on user waveform)
Waveform table size
  • 64k 12bit words (each table)
Number of waveform tables
  • 2 for each channel
Sample rate
  • 3.5MHz for high speed channels
  • 875kHz for low speed channels
Address space
  • A08D16
  • A24D32
Available connectors
  • 25 Pin SubD connector, female


  • Emulating passive wheel speed sensor signals in truck ABS/ESC test applications 
  • Testing fail-safe mechanismns by simulation of missing teeth 
  • Generating arbitrary waveforms

  • M400 For generation of active wheel speed sensor signals