M403 – Engine Signal Detection Unit


  • 8 differential input channels usable as e.g
    - 8 injection event detection ports usable for solenoid injectors or piezo injectors (diesel engines) 
    - 4 ignition event detection ports and 4 injection event detection ports (gasoline engines)
  • Maximum flexibility: defining events by 4 conditions 
  • Input voltage range: +/-30V 
  • Easy adaptation to each kind of injector due to the bipolar input voltage range 
  • Circular event buffer (crankshaft angle and duration) for each injection/ignition event 
  • Synchronization with M402 and M403 modules via M-Module bus 
  • In the field hardware upgrade by updating the FPGA

Technical Data

Input channels
  • 8 identical differential input ports usable for detecting an arbitrary number of injection and/or ignition signals
Input signal types
  • Ignition, solenoid injection, piezo injection
Input voltage range
  • -30V .. +30V
Threshold voltage range
  • -24.5V .. +24.5V
Input voltage resolution
  • 12.2mV
Common mode input voltage range
  • +/-80V
Over voltage protection
  • +/-100V
Input resistance
  • 200kOhm
Sampling rate / update rate
  • 6MHz / 166.67ns
Angle resolution
  • Up to 0,0055deg depending on rotation speed
Address space
  • A08D16 
  • A24D32
Buffer size per channel
  • 256 events
Available connectors
  • 25 Pin SubD connector, female

  • Detecting solenoid or piezo injector signals from ECUs in diesel engine test systems 
  • Detecting injection and ignition event signals in petrol engine test systems

  • M402 For generation of engine signals