FlexCard PMC II Xenomai


  • Up to 4 physical layer (FlexTiny II) slots
  • Several configuration of bus communication controllers
  • Usable to build up bootable FlexRay clusters
  • Up to 2 independent FlexRay Extension Modules (each with FlexRay A+B) supported
  • Asynchronous monitoring mode allows listening without FlexRay synchronicity
  • Combined asynchronous and synchronous moni­toring mode
  • Chronological correlation of bus messages with one timestamp base
  • Triggering on the precise slot, cycle, channel and on various error states
  • Start-up communication controller

Technical Data

  • 2 MB on-board RAM
  • Cyclone III FPGA
  • Bosch E-Ray IP Core FlexRay controller
  • V2.1 A FlexRay protocol specification
  • Configurable bus termination
  • Short latency times
  • Hardware time synchronization