F1001 – cPCI Carrier Board for 1 M-Module (for e.g. NI Systems)


  • The F1001 carries 1 M-Module and integrates it into an National Instruments PXI system 
  • M-Module slots
    - One M-Module slot on a standard CompactPCI board 
    - Compliant with M-Module standard 
    - Characteristics: A08D16, A24D32, 
  • CompactPCI bus
    - 32-bit / 33/66 MHz PCI-to-M-Module bridge 
    - Compatibility to CompactPCI busses with VI/O= 3.3V and VI/O=5.0V 
    - FPGA-based
  • Mechanical specifications
    - Dimensions: Conforming to CompactPCI specification for 6U boards
    - Front panel: aluminum with one handle, cutouts for front connector of M-Module
  • Supports 8 PXI trigger lines 
  • Needs only about 8MBytes address space 
  • Up to 20% faster access time than with the former solution