Open House Local Editions

The CarMaker product family on tour

Since 2018, Open House Local Editions give us the opportunity to introduce groundbreaking innovations in virtual vehicle development to our clients and partners across the globe.
Open House in Germany with its feature previews of the latest releases of the CarMaker product family has been attracting a steadily growing audience for years, whereas local editions offer the opportunity to obtain information in your own country and to get in touch with the local IPG Automotive subsidiaries.

Meet experts

During the one-day events, visitors can expect a varied program consisting of fascinating keynote speeches, inspiring best practices and present developments by local clients and partners as well as an in-house exhibition that allows visitors to exchange ideas and discuss specific questions.

Experts from local subsidiaries join forces with colleagues from the headquarters to showcase how our solutions drive forward your vehicle development and increase the efficiency of your processes. The presentations are given in the local language or interpreted simultaneously from English to the local language.

Open House Local Edition UK 2021

On October 13, 2021, our Open House Local Edition celebrated its debut in the United Kingdom with over 70 attendees. Our colleagues from IPG Automotive UK presented the latest features of the CarMaker release 10.0 on site in Birmingham and gave insights into the advancement of virtual vehicle development with our simulation solution.

Prof. Bradley Yorke-Biggs, CEO of the Institute of Digital Engineering, opened the event with his keynote emphasizing the necessity to strengthen the focus on simulation in the automotive industry, especially in the UK. He pointed out that this shift will help to master the mobility challenges of the future. Following this, our team introduced the CarMaker functionalities and addressed the importance of virtual vehicle development as well as its complexities, but also presented possible solutions. Customers and partners such as StreetDrone, Cranfield University, HORIBA MIRA, NI, Ford and JLR, provided insights into their projects with CarMaker in three fascinating presentations. They also illustrated how their development processes benefit from our simulation solution. The accompanying exhibition offered a look behind the scenes of CarMaker integration as well as the possibility to network and exchange ideas.

We are proud of the enthusiasm the attendees showed for our event concept:

“The Open House Local Edition was a great day to catch up with colleagues old and new from the industry. There was a good variety of presentation topics and speakers, and I enjoyed learning new techniques and making new connections. I'd highly recommend the event as the place to be for virtual testing technology.”

Holly Watson Nall, StreetDrone

We would like to thank all involved parties for this memorable opening and cannot wait for next year’s Open House Local Edition in the UK!

Open House Local Edition USA 2019

More than 170 attendees gathered on June 4, 2019 in Plymouth, Michigan, to attend the first-ever Open House Local Edition in the US. The new international event format that focuses on the highlights of the latest CarMaker product family release was an instant success. Visitors were able to gain a profound insight into our tools’ capabilities and were excited to discover the variety of new features introduced in version 8.0.

The day started off with an inspiring keynote on “High-Fidelity Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation for Enabling Efficient and High-Quality Development of Steering and Dynamics Performance” delivered by Dr. John Yu, Chief Engineer Dynamics Performance Research at Honda R&D Americas, Inc.

The event also featured two customer presentations by Robert Bosch LLC, who gave a talk on virtual vehicle prototypes, and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, who shed light on the safe deployment of automated driving systems.

In three live sessions, colleagues from headquarters and our subsidiary in the US joined forces to take the audience deep into the world of our products, providing both valuable background knowledge and a first-hand look at the new features in live demos.

Open House Local Edition China 2019

On May 8, 2019, the second installment of the Open House Local Edition was held in Shanghai where more than 150 visitors gathered to see the release highlights of version 8.0 of the CarMaker product family.

The event started with a keynote, delivered by Mr. Hepeng Bao, Director of the Intelligent Networking Data Department, China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd. Automotive Data Center, centered on “Intelligent Networked Vehicle Driving Scenarios Simulation and Application” and the strategic collaboration with IPG Automotive.

Besides two sessions with live demonstrations by our experts from IPG Automotive, visitors gained interesting insights into inspiring projects and use cases during the presentations by our partners and customers. In the accompanying trade exhibition, visitors had the opportunity to network and connect with fellow experts.