Version 12.0 of the CarMaker product family shines with new features

CarMaker 12 is available since March 29, 2023 and offers a range of new functionalities.

The latest release is highly compatible with ASAM simulation standards.Besides supporting the newest OpenDRIVE version, it also includes the OpenSCENARIO Converter which is now available as an add-on. The converter enables the direct input and simulation in CarMaker of scenarios defined in the OpenSCENARIO format. Furthermore, a variety of maneuver functions such as SpeedCondition, AccelerationCondition, LaneOffsetAction and RelativeObjectPosition for Init are also available.  

The implementation of an Import & Export functionality optimizes scenario generation. Road networks can thus be divided into individual segments in the Scenario Editor to export them separately. These segments can then be imported as templates into other road networks and can be merged together following a modular approach, which considerably simplifies the generation of suitable templates and the generation of complex road networks.

The new MovieNX Python API offers users even more options to interact with the 3D environment and to automate MovieNX. They can now load or switch configurations live, add drawings on screen or manipulate contents of the 3D environment via script. This makes process automation much easier.

The HD Scenario Suburban Street with a high traffic density, many pedestrian models, everyday traffic obstructions and the HD Scenario UK Highway complete the scenario portfolio for comprehensive testing of camera-based systems. Moreover, CarMaker 12 supports the use of 3D elements in standard formats such as glTF to model the environment. Scenarios can therefore be automated and adapted to customer-specific requirements.

The new ground truth sensor in CarMaker 12 provides line data from simulation and gives users more flexibility in the choice of data, which thus controls the balance between output and performance. It is based on a newly developed software framework that notably facilitates data extraction for users. The GUI was updated and designed to be even more user-friendly.

A new battery model and a new modular powertrain architecture enable detailed testing of EVs, especially regarding range predictions. In addition, it lays the foundation for applications in the field of battery management systems and expands the possible uses of CarMaker for applications with hybrid and electrified vehicles.

CarMaker 12

Version 12.0 of the CarMaker product family shines with new features