Vehicle-in-the-Loop on tour

With the vehicle-in-the-loop (VIL) method, driver assistance systems can be tested in a time- and cost-saving way by combining virtual test driving with a real prototype – and still be experienced by the real driver on board. Traffic environments are transferred to the virtual simulation. Thus, the prototype no longer reacts to real events, but to events simulated in CarMaker. In this way, for example, crashes with real test objects can be avoided if ADAS functions fail.

With our new demo vehicle, we have been bringing the VIL technology to your site since 2021. This year, the vehicle has already toured Germany and France, making numerous stops at customers, partners, universities and test tracks. The combination of product presentation and live demonstration enables us to provide the best possible illustration of the vehicle-in-the-loop method. Participants were able to get behind the wheel of the demo vehicle and experience how hardware and software communicate with each other while testing ADAS functions such as PA (park assist), AEB (autonomous emergency braking), ACC (adaptive cruise control) or LKA (lane keeping assist). 

Would you like to experience vehicle-in-the-loop live as well?  Next year, our experts will be on tour again with the demo vehicle to allow interested parties across Europe to experience the technology. Follow us on our social media channels to stay posted about upcoming events or contact us directly to secure your exclusive demo: Contact us

To find out more about the VIL method we also recommend our whitepaper – enjoy! 

Vehicle-in-the-Loop on tour

Since 2021, we have been bringing the VIL technology to your sites with our demo vehicle.