Transformation of powertrains – Continuous integration and X-in-the-loop testing for xEVs

Due to the increasing electrification level of vehicles, powertrain development faces a multitude of challenges. The advancement of conventional development and test processes as well as the implementation of new approaches are inevitable.

From a development perspective, one option to face the powertrain transformation is to model the electric driving behavior virtually. Key components in this context are virtual test driving and the modular virtual integration of real and virtual prototypes which leads to so-called X-in-the-loop testing.

Discover what the test method X-in-the-loop is all about and how we at IPG Automotive contribute to its implementation in the issue of the ATZ Worldwide magazine titled “Electric Mobility: Driving Digitalization and Integration” from May 2022. Together with the Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center and IAV, we present the X-in-the-loop method for the development of electric powertrains and provide insights on how the project is implemented in the pre-development at Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center GmbH. 

Read the full article in the issue 05/2022 of the ATZ worldwide:

X-in-the-Loop testing for xEVs

X-in-the-Loop testing for xEVs