Testing Expo China 2023: IPG Automotive leading the way in automotive testing solutions

We are excited to announce that IPG Automotive China successfully attended the Automotive Testing Expo China in Shanghai last week. As the premier event for automotive testing and quality assurance in the region, the exhibition provided a platform for IPG Automotive to showcase our cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions to a wide range of industry experts: altogether, more than 1,000 visitors stopped by to talk with our colleagues at the booth during the exhibition.

Focus on sensor simulation for high level ADAS development

Virtual test driving is an advanced and intelligent tool for automotive development. The simulation of sensors and surrounding traffic as well as diverse environment conditions are of great importance in virtual test driving. In his presentation, Songyue Zheng, Technical Manager at IPG Automotive China, analyzed simulation solutions for different sensors in high level ADAS development. Simulation technology allows to test and validate the sensor systems for advanced autonomous driving, including radar, camera, lidar and other sensors, for optimizing driving algorithms and improving vehicle safety. Advantages are the real-time performance, high fidelity and low cost, making it an important technological breakthrough in the field of autonomous driving.

Our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation has solidified our position as a global leader in virtual test driving. As exhibitor attending Testing Expo China 2023, IPG Automotive undoubtedly contributed to valuable insights visitors gained and showed how the company is shaping the future of automotive testing.

IPG Automotive @Testing Expo China

Testing Expo China 2023: IPG Automotive leading the way in automotive testing solutions