Testing camera-based autonomous driver assistance systems

With the CarMaker product family release 10.0, pictures from MovieNX can also be fed into the Video Interface Box X. This allows to transfer photo-realistic scenarios directly to the imager of the camera system.

MovieNX supports the transfer of realistic scenarios into virtual test driving by generating photo-realistic 3D visualizations of special weather and light conditions, such as fog or a low sun in the sky, in CarMaker. Environment and camera parameters can be configured effortlessly. The Video Interface Box X simplifies testing of camera-based systems. Images are fed directly into the camera device which helps to prevent problems such “torn images”. They may occur on simulation test benches due to a lack of synchronization between the image generation on the screen and the image capturing of the camera. This allows to test and validate camera control units in a closed loop.

The coupling between the Video Interface Box X and the visualization tool MovieNX therefore provides customers with a perfectly adapted solution to make the development and testing of camera-based ADAS und automated driving functions even more efficient.

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Video Interface Box X and MovieNX

Direct transfer of photorealistic scenarios to the imager of the camera system thanks to the release 10.0.