TECH TALK: How could your future integration testbed look?

Powertrains become more and more connected to the full vehicle and their environment.

Due to the fact that ambient conditions are hard to control, performing tests based on real-world driving gets increasingly difficult and time-consuming.

Integrated full vehicle testbeds meet this challenge by considering extended testing options to test complete systems in a virtual, controllable and adaptable test environment. Together with our partners, we unite the required expertise to offer a fully integrated driving and testing solution.

Watch our latest TECH TALK episode to find out what this solution may look like. Our expert in the field of powertrain, Dr. Pascal Piecha, uses the GNSS signal simulation as an example to demonstrate how hardware and software from IPG Automotive work together with solutions from our partners, enabling a holistic development approach for future integration testbeds.

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Video Tech Talk future test bed

Learn about future integration test beds in this Tech Talk episode.