Rental of our Steering-in-the-Loop test system

An exciting customer appointment recently took place at our headquarters in Karlsruhe: Schaeffler Paravan came to our headquarters to test the Space Drive steer-by-wire system, which does not require a mechanical connection between the steering unit and the steering gear, on our steering system test bench together with DTM driver Maximilan Buhk before taking it to the race track for testing.

Are you also developing steering systems, but you do not have a test bench on site?

At our headquarters in Karlsruhe, we give you the opportunity to comprehensively test steering systems, such as steer-by-wire, on our Steering-in-the-Loop test system. This also includes the subjective evaluation of steering feel with the Driver-in-the-Loop platform. The respective steering system is integrated into the test bench on a mechanical, electric and software level. During the entire rental time, one of our experts will also be present to supervise the test process.

By renting the Steering-in-the-Loop test system, you can not only detect weak spots early on but also easily test your systems without direct investment costs or risks.

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Rental Steering-in-the-Loop test system

Steering-in-the-Loop test system


Rental of our Steering-in-the-Loop test system

Rental of our Steering-in-the-Loop test system