Release 11.0 of the CarMaker product family

March 30, 2022 was the big day: The release 11.0 of the CarMaker product family was launched. As of now, the latest version of our simulation software is available for download in the customer area. For those who did not get a glimpse of the features of the software release at Open House, here is a brief summary of a few highlights: 

CarMaker 11 shows how detailed and realistic real-time simulation can be with the new HD Scenarios to model complex highly detailed environments in MovieNX. The visualization tool MovieNX now supports the representation of pseudocolors with configurable color coding and animated 3D objects such as pedestrians. Moreover, realistic camera sensor models can reproduce various lens models and degrees of lens and windshield occlusion.

With the new traffic flow model as well as the implementation of individual traffic regulations for all autonomous traffic objects, CarMaker 11 enables the fast and easy generation of busy scenarios in complex road networks.

You can also look forward to new powertrain applications, an open, programmable user interface for the signal processing of raw signal interface sensors and even faster simulation speed.

Find an overview of all highlights here: Highlights CarMaker release 11



 Highlights CarMaker release 11

Highlights CarMaker release 11