Optimize energy efficiency and range of EVs with virtual vehicle development

Nowadays, driving range and efficiency are two of the major influencing factors when developing electric vehicles. While the main focus lies on battery and powertrain hardware technology, optimizing the operation strategy can also greatly contribute to increase range and efficiency of EVs.

The powertrain software in electric vehicles has to match the OEM’s specific vehicle DNA and the customer user profile. It therefore does not only influence the mentioned aspects but, in addition, greatly contributes to the electric driving experience. The attribute balancing between powertrain and chassis as well as modern regenerative brake systems for example has to be continuously incorporated into the development process.

How we master this complexity:

Our simulation software CarMaker allows to build and use virtual vehicle prototypes in a MIL/SIL environment for performance evaluation regarding relevant optimization criteria. Further on in the process, a battery management system, an inverter or even the whole electric drive unit can be integrated on HIL test system with simulation. The evaluation of driving range, efficiency and drivability can hence be incorporated into the development process early on.


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Optimize energy efficiency and range of EVs

Optimize energy efficiency and range of EVs