IPG Automotive meets research

Since October, leading German universities in the automotive field and a selection of researchers from the industry jointly launched the project AUTOtech.agil, which will be running over a period of three years. In addition to eight university partners, 13 companies and six associated partners are part of the follow-up project of the sponsored project UNICar.agil. We are pleased to again be part of this initiative!

The aim is to create an open architecture for the mobility system of the future. The project is especially focused on the standardization of interfaces and the ability to update as well as extend functional components.

With electrification, interconnectedness and automation of mobility, traffic as we know it today will be fundamentally transformed. This does not only open up big opportunities for new mobility and transportation concepts, but also improves traffic safety as well as quality of life.

Agile approaches based on innovative software and hardware architectures that also enable machine learning methods are required for this transformation.

We offer support by working on the packages “Digital Twin & Collective Functionalities” and “Homologation Processes & Methods for Modular Validation”.

In addition to explicitly sponsored projects, our experts are part of multiple university courses and lectures, too.
We also give lectures at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, to which we have close ties, and are also present at the OTH Regensburg for example. During the lecture series “Vehicle Simulation”, students were able to gain deeper insights into the fascinating topic with a presentation on simulation tools in vehicle development. The goal of this lecture is to introduce students to simulation tools in the context of vehicle dynamics and to implement integration tasks in the field of suspension and brake. Overall, the aim is to optimize lap times using a virtual prototype.

As IPG Automotive, we are proud to contribute to such interesting projects and lectures and look forward to many more collaborations in the future.

IPG Automotive meets research

IPG Automotive is pleased to be able to support initiatives such as AUTOtech.agil and numerous university initiatives in this context