IMAGinE – Solutions for cooperative driving

Since 2016, partners from the automotive industry, research as well as public road management have worked together to develop innovative assistance systems in the field of cooperative driving. Their aim was to minimize hazards and to optimize traffic flow by coordinating driving maneuvers. In the middle of May, the project, which IPG Automotive supported with the simulation and test platform CarMaker, was successfully completed.

The project developed cooperative driving functions that use V2X communication to engage multiple vehicles for joint solution finding. Since the complexity of cooperative overall systems increases with the number of road users and potential cooperation partners, simulation was an integral part of reproducible and hazard-free testing from the concept and development stage to integration in real-world vehicles.

The project partners developed a flexible and modular simulation architecture that was implemented with CarMaker in a reference environment. This environment enabled the analysis of cooperative maneuvers with multiple road users. During the project, it was used to develop cooperative maneuver coordination as well as partner-specific software components.

The cooperative driving functions tested in the simulation were finally integrated into ten real test vehicles and evaluated in more than 20 joint workshops. Extensive testing enabled a seamless functionality of cooperative maneuver coordination in different scenarios and partner constellations, allowing the partners’ vehicles to cooperate with each other in an arbitrarily interchangeable manner.


Cooperative turning at an intersection with three ego vehicles

Cooperative turning at an intersection with three ego vehicles