How can the combination of hardware and software increase efficiency in ADAS testing?

You are developing advanced driver assistance systems and are looking for an efficient way to perform integration tests or integrate the full system?

We have got a solution for you: Optimize your test and validation processes with the vehicle-in-the-loop (VIL) technology.

The VIL method is characterized by the fact that it merges the real and the virtual world. The only prerequisite for use here is the existence of an experimental vehicle. Our technology extends this real-world prototype in a way that it receives information from and reacts to an environment simulated with CarMaker.

In our latest TECH TALK, we will show you in detail how the communication between simulation environment and real-world prototype works and which advantages you have by using the VIL technology in the development of ADAS functions.

TECH TALK: Vehicle-in-the-Loop

TECH TALK: Vehicle-in-the-Loop