Free CarMaker scenarios for ALKS and ELKS

IPG Automotive provides Test Ware Package with test cases for new regulations.

The Test Ware Package Euro NCAP enables a fast and efficient execution of standardized tests in CarMaker. This package has now been extended by further international regulations for ADAS. IPG Automotive now provides CarMaker users with a free package comprising these new test cases for lane keeping assist systems. In addition to the existing consumer rating tests, tests for automated lane keeping systems (ALKS) as well as emergency lane keeping assist systems (ELKS) were added.

ALKS is the first applicable regulation that regulates the performance-based registration of a vehicle with SAE level 3.

ELKS by the European Commission is based on the UNECE regulation 79 and regulates the type-approval of vehicles with regard to the emergency lane keeping assist systems in Europe since 2021.

With this update, users can apply current norms as the basis for their tests, adapt test parameters of the concrete scenarios individually and utilize all provided test evaluations. In addition, further traffic objects can be added to the scenarios.

The update for ALKS and ELKS is available in the FAQ area as a free download. It comprises 21 tests for ALKS, following lead vehicle, collision avoidance (cut-in, cut-out, stationary obstacles) as well as for the field of view. Furthermore, the update includes five tests of the ELKS standard for lane departure warning systems and corrective directional control functions (CDCF).

The benefits of the new regulations can thus be transferred and used directly in CarMaker. Complex scenario: Typical example of an ALKS cut-out scenario on the freeway with additional road users.

CarMaker scenario

CarMaker users get free updates: ALKS for lane keeping functions and ELKS for emergency lane keeping assistants.