Expansion of hardware portfolio with SensInject

The platform SensInject will expand our hardware range by a new product to inject data from camera, radar and lidar sources.

While the Video Interface Box X enables the direct data feed to test camera systems, with SensInject you can not only include raw camera data with 4K and higher resolutions, but additionally radar and lidar data into your test process, thus extending it to other systems.

Utilize the SensInject platform to test and validate ADAS functions such as ALKS (automated lane keeping assist) and AEB (autonomous emergency braking) as well as many other systems. Our new hardware solution can also be deployed to develop and test autonomous vehicles under lab conditions.

Depending on the application, raw camera, radar and lidar sensor data can be fed directly to one or multiple ECUs with SensInject. In the FPGA (field programmable gate array), the raw data are converted into signals according to real sensors, enriched with real-time critical meta data and fed into the respective ECUs via suitable hardware interfaces.

One advantage of the SensInject platform is that it supports all current sensor interfaces such as FPDL, GMSL, 1G/10G Ethernet or Automotive Ethernet and MIPI CSI-2. Additionally, the platform can be adapted to your specific use case: Modules can easily be exchanged or extended. The SensInject platform is therefore already geared for future developments and changes in testing of camera-, radar- and lidar-based systems.

New hardware platform SensInject

New hardware platform SensInject