Expansion of hardware portfolio with SensCompute

Similarly to the use of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), the level of automation in vehicles is continuously increasing. More automation leads to a higher number of required sensors, which in turn multiplies the time effort required for testing in the development process.

This is where IPG Automotive comes into play: With virtual test driving, we support you in your processes. CarMaker and its simulated environment allow to test driving functions much faster and more efficiently. In order to ensure the simulation performance, we have developed a new dedicated computing system for an optimized computation of sensors.

In future, SensCompute will allow you to include a wide range of additional vehicle sensors in the test process, simply by extending the performance of your host PC. Depending on the number of sensors, you will be able to integrate the high-end hardware solution into your existing technical setup and scale it to enable – and even accelerate – the calculation of extensive test runs when using multiple physical sensor models.

Find more information on how to benefit from SensCompute in the Hardware area of our website.