Cooperation between IPG Automotive and iMAR Navigation enables seamless transition from simulation to proving ground

Vehicle testing in the field of automated driving is becoming more and more complex: On the one hand, the number of test cases increases continuously and on the other hand, the test requirements are constantly changing and becoming more extensive, not least through the intensified integration of multiple as well as interacting objects.

To face this complexity, we pooled our expertise together with iMAR Navigation, pioneer of real scenario-based test applications, in the areas of simulation and real test driving. The outcome is a holistic, automated toolchain that creates an interface between virtual and real tests, combines both approaches and reduces the workload for users. Test procedures can therefore not only be optimized and errors reduced – an efficient utilization of the proving ground is ensured as well, which allows to make significant savings in time and costs. The toolchain includes scenario generation and test procedures with a wide variety of parameters of any NCAP tests as well as complex scenarios in the simulation software CarMaker. The planned scenarios and test procedures are transferred directly to iMAR Navigation’s iARGUS – CMD Proving Ground Control Center Software. It monitors and controls test objects such as vehicles under test, dummy vehicles or elements of infrastructure. The exchange of the scenario description is based on iSCAML – the Scenario Advanced Meta Language from iMAR Navigation which is to become part of the future ISO 22133-1 standard. Furthermore, the converter for OpenX to iSCAML also comprised in the toolchain enables the import of OpenScenario files. For the subsequent evaluation report, standardized interfaces are provided to analyze data after the test and validate them against the simulation.

With the new toolchain that combines simulation and real road tests on the proving ground, we and our cooperation partner iMAR Navigation provide users with a tool for the notably more efficient preparation and performance of vehicle testing.     

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Cooperation between IPG Automotive and iMAR Navigation

Cooperation between IPG Automotive and iMAR Navigation