Building effective partnerships

Partners follow common goals and complement each other on different levels. May it be to accelerate the development process, to add new functionalities or to save costs – this year again, our cooperations with international companies created a multitude of synergies and additional technological benefits for our customers. Below, you will find an excerpt of our activities with partners in 2021.


IPG Automotive and Ansys collaborate to improve and advance developments in the field of autonomous vehicles and driver assistance. The combination of IPG Automotive’s CarMaker and Ansys’ AVxcelerate offers customers the possibility to test human machine interfaces, simulate headlights or apply physically based sensor simulation for example. The sensor models are integrated into the virtual prototype running on the simulation platform CarMaker.

aSR advanced Simulated Reality

aSR advanced Simulated Reality develops driving simulators with an open hardware and software platform for virtual vehicle development. By integrating the simulation solutions from IPG Automotive, driving functions as well as vehicle handling can be experienced at an early stage of the development process. This enables the analysis and optimization of the interactions between driver, vehicle and environment, increases front-loading and reduces the number of required test drives. As a result, the development and evaluation of advanced driver assistance systems or automated driving functions for example can be performed at a faster pace and contribute to a better and safer driving experience.


The startup CogniBIT develops neurocognitive models of road users for simulation and therefore simplifies the realistic simulation of human road users and their seamingly unpredictable behavior. These traffic agent models perceive, think and act like human road users and enrich the simulation in CarMaker with realistic road users.


Jointly with Keysight Technologies, IPG Automotive works on a modular test platform to speed up the validation of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and functions for highly automated driving. The Autonomous Drive Emulation (ADE) platform emulates synchronized connections to relevant vehicle sensors, for example to the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) or to radar and camera sensors. This enables customers to stimulate and validate components, software and systems, including sensor fusion and decision-making algorithms. The open platform combines 3D modeling, HIL systems and already existing test and simulation environments.


PikeTec develops the test and verification tool TPT for safety-relevant embedded control systems. By connecting it to CarMaker, customers can control and subsequently evaluate scenarios via TPT in CarMaker. The integration of both platforms simplifies and accelerates the testing of advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), autonomous vehicles (AV) and vehicle dynamics along all development stages. At the same time, customers gain an even more extensive end-to-end solution for virtual test driving.


Together with Spirent, provider of automated test and assurance solutions for networks, cybersecurity and positioning, IPG Automotive provides a highly accurate GNSS simulation solution with low latency for hardware-in-the-loop applications in vehicle development. It enables to simulate and control real satellite signals from inside the virtual simulation solution. Realistic GNSS satellite signals for example can therefore be simulated on full vehicle integration test benches. This solution allows to test range and highway pilot functionalities at early development stages without having to rely on real-world road tests.

Building effective partnerships

We present our 2021 partners.