Lösungen erleben in der begleitenden Fachausstellung

Die Fachausstellung der Apply & Innovate ist die ideale Gelegenheit, unsere Kunden und Partner zu treffen und mehr über die vielfältigen Anwendungsmöglichkeiten der CarMaker-Produktfamilie zu erfahren. Hier können Sie sich bereits einen Überblick über die teilnehmenden Unternehmen verschaffen. Weitere Details zu den einzelnen Ausstellern folgen in Kürze. Schauen Sie wieder vorbei!

3D Mapping Solutions GmbH

3D Mapping Solutions GmbH is one of the leading experts in the fields of high-accuracy kinematic surveying of public roads, proving grounds, race tracks and rough road test tracks of any kind, railway tunnels or subway. We create high-precision reference maps as a basis for user-specific developments, advanced ADAS or driving development, testing and validation applications for autonomous driving.

AB Dynamics

AB Dynamics supply advanced test systems to vehicle manufacturers for suspension, chassis and steering system development, vehicle dynamics, ADAS development and driverless car technology evaluation.
Systems include the advanced vehicle driving simulator allowing Driver-in-the-Loop development of vehicle chassis, drivetrain and ADAS, and SPMM 5000 measuring K&C parameters used in vehicle models.

atlatec GmbH

atlatec is a research-oriented 3D mapping company based in Karlsruhe, Germany. We create high fidelity 3D maps with nothing but cameras and GPS. Maps can be used for autonomous driving, for validating ADAS and for use in CarMaker. Visit www.atlatec.de for more information.

AZAPA Co., Ltd.

Bosch Engineering GmbH

Elektrobit Automotive GmbH

Elektrobit (EB) is an award-winning and visionary global supplier of embedded and connected software products and services for the automotive industry with over 30 years of experience. We offer flexible, innovative solutions for connected car infrastructure, HMI technologies, navigation, driver assistance, ECUs, and software engineering services. EB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Continental AG.

Gamma Technologies GmbH

GeneSys Elektronik GmbH

GeneSys Elektronik is an engineering company with focus on developing and producing sensor systems for a variety of applications - ranging from automotive dynamics analysis to guidance of tunnelling machines and image processing for process automation. The GPS-aided gyro system ADMA provides highly precise data of a moving vehicle for vehicle dynamics testing or ADAS evaluation; ADMA meets all the demands of industry test standards.

HORIBA Europe GmbH

Shaping the automotive industry: HORIBA Automotive Test Systems is the strong partner at its customers’ side offering total solutions for automotive testing.
As part of these solutions STARS Enterprise, the cloud-based lab and data management system, helps to close the gap between road and laboratory and significantly increases the productivity and efficiency of any test facility.

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Konrad GmbH

Konrad Technologies provides application specific automated test solutions focused at improving efficiency in the areas of automotive, ADAS, wireless communications, manufacturing and beyond. The globally distributed engineering expertise provided by Konrad Technologies enables companies to test with confidence, improve product quality and shorten time to market.



Recognised as global market leader, PTV Group develops intelligent software solutions for traffic planning and management. Thus cities, companies and people save time and money, enhance road safety and minimise the impact on the environment. Based on its unique expertise in every facet of mobility, PTV ensures that people and goods arrive at their destinations safe and sound, and on time.

QTronic GmbH

QTronic is a leading provider of tools for virtual validation of automotive control software. Silver - our virtual ECU platform builds accurate simulations of software controllers under Windows. Used to move tests from expensive HiLs to highly available PCs. TestWeaver - our test automation solution that includes a powerful test case generator, for higher test coverage at system level.


rFpro provides driving simulation software and 3D content for Deep Learning Autonomous Driving, ADAS and Vehicle Dynamics testing & validation. Focused on ground based road vehicle simulation, scaling from a desktop to a parallel real-time test environment. Accelerate your testing and vehicle validation, vehicle sub-systems, ADAS and Autonomous software to save money and bring quality products to market more quickly.

S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH

Soluzioni Ingegneria


TRANSPOLIS is the only urban mobility lab in Europe with 80 hectares of smart city to innovate, test and design new mobility solutions.
TRANSPOLIS is a major European player in the field of ADAS, automated and connected vehicles, with global resources and services to support its clients from simulation to testing to homologation.