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We are extremely familiar with the challenges in our industry: Currently, real prototypes are available for less than half of the development period, and only a handful of engineers are able to test their new systems in actual vehicles at an early stage of the process. As the leading solution provider for virtual test driving, it is our goal to change this.

Thanks to our innovative simulation systems for whole vehicle development, tests can be performed with virtual prototypes throughout every phase of the development and release process – from model, software and hardware-in-the-loop to the vehicle-in-the-loop method. This way, every engineer has the possibility to develop, apply, test and even release new systems in the whole virtual vehicle – in line with our automotive systems engineering approach.

Moreover, because we offer an open integration and test platform with the CarMaker product family, we can provide our clients with customized simulation solutions. The individual systems and components to be tested can be integrated, and our simulation solutions can be incorporated into the tools you are already working with or be used with diverse hardware platforms.

What sets us apart and what is important to us

IPG Automotive is a reliable partner, as we are forward-thinking and aim to build long-standing partnerships. Our actions are guided by this goal, which is why we have a strong focus on the needs of our customers.

With vehicle development becoming more and more complex, there is an ever greater need for simulation solutions that are tailored to customer requirements. At the same time, demand has increased as a result of continued globalization. This means growth for our company – and not just at our site in Karlsruhe. We are establishing ourselves as a global player in order to make our development services available to engineers around the world.

As a technology leader, we know that our employees hold the key to our success. They have transformed us into a reliable development partner – for us long-term international partnerships are the order of the day.

Let us introduce ourselves

It is important to us to give you a true impression of who we are, so let us introduce ourselves. Short interviews give you a chance to get to know some of our colleagues. Find out more about us!

Gerhard (Software Development)

Gerhard about IPG Automotive

To you, is carsharing an alternative to having your own car, Gerhard?

In theory yes, in practice no. Since I live in the countryside that does not work concerning the distance to the stations and I can't imagine it for the near future either. My wife mostly uses our own car; therefore, I take the train to work.

You have been with IPG Automotive since 2001 – what brought you here and what has kept you here?

What especially lured me here at first was the size of the firm. I saw the possibility of a relatively broad area of work activities and the atmosphere in small firms is also a different one. Today, I still value the fact that there are constantly new challenges at work and that the job is very versatile. The outlook into the future of the automobile industry that you get is also fascinating.

What did you want to become earlier and in what area are you active here today?

The first thing I can remember is the wish to become a mechanic. However, I then studied electrical engineering specializing in data technology. Here at IPG Automotive I am responsible for the electronics development, which means I have stayed faithful to my field but still get to work on new projects again and again.

Even if you don't have a car of your own – how do you picture mobility in the future?

Due to increasing gas prices, more and more people will probably use public transport. The wish for your own car and the mobility linked to it will, however, remain. I imagine that today's trends will increase: there will be small city cars with low or no fuel consumption, in parallel with bigger and more comfortable cars for the countryside population or for longer distances. Whether I myself will buy a car again remains to be seen.

Valerie (CarMaker Service Team)

Valerie about IPG Automotive

You are part of the service team at IPG Automotive. What do you do as part of your job, Valerie?

We are responsible for the technical support, training, and workshops. My main task, however, is to answer all sorts of questions about CarMaker every day. The beauty is that you seldom get the same question twice.

Since when have you been working at IPG Automotive and why?

Actually, I started to work here twice, once for work experience while studying, then I finished my Master’s and applied for a job at IPG Automotive again. Even in school, I was good at physics and mathematics but wanted to do something application-oriented. That's why I studied mechanical engineering in a double degree in Darmstadt and Lyon.

What fascinates you personally about vehicles? And how do you imagine the car of the future?

Assistance systems in general are very interesting and practical. They will also take over more and more tasks from human drivers. I think it is very likely that autonomous driving especially will not remain an unrealizable dream for too long.

According to your opinion, what needs to be developed?

A car with an integrated coffee machine - laughs.

Henning (Corporate Communications & Media)

Henning about IPG Automotive

Henning, you are in the Corporate Communications & Media team at IPG Automotive - how did you get there and for which areas are you responsible?

In my family, I grew up with a great enthusiasm for cars; the subject of cars is my hobby. I then studied technical writing at the University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe. The job here gives me the ideal opportunity to combine my hobby with my job. The tasks include, among other things, the maintenance of documentation and the creation of promotional materials, such as the product catalog or videos for our YouTube channel. I like the versatility of it.

What do you like concerning the topic of automobiles and what trends do you see for the future?

That is very hard to say exactly, I just like everything. I believe cars in general hold a fascination for many people; just look at all the classic car meetings. Someday I’d like to have an old Ford Mustang in my garage. However, when I think of the car of the future, the biggest advance I see is mainly in the development of new and ever better driver assistance systems.

And do you have a driver assistance system that you find particularly useful?

If I have to decide: the blind spot warning assistant! Previously, one always got annoyed about cars speeding into the blind spot. This assistance system clearly contributes to increased safety and, to me, means a big gain in comfort.

Will you tell us briefly how you became aware of IPG Automotive?

Actually, following a notice of the company I had already applied for an internship during my studies. However, on the day when I was invited for an interview, I had just dropped the signed contract with another company into the mailbox - crazy! But after graduating, I remembered it and simply sent a speculative application ... and it worked.