Equipped for the Future with Real Driving Simulations

Virtual test driving supports the development and testing of powertrain systems

Whether conventional, hybrid or battery electric – our simulation solutions and test systems allow you to develop and test powertrain systems in accordance with your individual requirements. The real-time capable model environment of the CarMaker product family makes it possible to work continuously under real-world conditions by including vehicle, route, driver and traffic in the development process – a basic requirement for the successful development and validation of current and future powertrain concepts as well as operating strategies. 

With our products, you have the flexibility to vary vehicle and track data, driver behavior and operating strategy while maintaining the reproducibility of your test run. Conventional driving cycles, customer-specific test tracks, real tracks and race tracks can be simulated easily with the user-friendly whole vehicle models, a powerful driver model and the intuitive construction of tracks and driving maneuvers. 

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Virtual test driving for powertrain applications – your advantages at a glance:

  • Real driving simulation environment with full real-time capability for continuous development from pure simulation right up to integration on test benches
  • Vehicle data generator and library of example models for the user-friendly construction of whole vehicle models with valid driving dynamics characteristics
  • Integrated model environment for the construction of conventional, hybrid and battery electric powertrain systems including their operating strategy and coupling with the hydraulic braking system in CarMaker and TruckMaker
  • Powerful driver model in our products CarMaker, TruckMaker and MotorcycleMaker for driving cycles and driving on real 3D tracks
  • Intuitive track construction and the option to import real-world tracks from GPS measurement data or map data 
  • Wide range of interfaces for integrating models from different development environments as well as for connecting to third-party tools and test benches


Virtual powertrain testing: RDE and driving performance on rural roads
Virtual powertrain testing: altitude testing of vehicle and trailer models on mountain passes
Virtual powertrain testing: RDE and driving performance on highways

We support you at every stage of powertrain development

With our Simulation Software and Test Systems, we support you in the development and testing of powertrain components and powertrain systems as well as their control systems and operating strategy. We never lose sight of your goal, namely the assessment and optimization of driving performance and consumption, emissions, operational stability and the networking of your vehicle under real-world conditions.

In the areas of components and systems as well as controls, we provide continuous support at every stage of the development process – from the early analysis of your models and your software (model/software-in-the-loop) through the combination of virtual test driving with real control units (hardware-in-the-loop) up to tests on powertrain components and entire systems on integration test benches.

Solutions for every stage of the development process (MIL, SIL, HIL)

Solutions for every stage of the development process

Our solutions for your powertrain applications

More detailed information on the individual application areas is available here:

Consumption & driving performance

Emissions & RDE

E-mobility & hybridization