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Virtual testing of ADAS

Whether cruise control, park assist functions or highway pilot – we can no longer imagine our cars without advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). They are able to influence the acceleration, braking and steering of the vehicle in automated mode. With visual, acoustic or haptic alerts, they support and relieve drivers before and during critical traffic situations, improve the safety of occupants and increase their comfort.

In the future, requirements for advanced driver assistance systems will continue to rise since they build the foundationfor the next levelstowards autonomous driving. In addition to the requirements for functional safety with regard to an ISO-26262 compliant development, customer acceptance is key. Simulation and the associated front-loading play a significant role and enable cost and time efficiency when developing and testing systems.

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Manage the development and testing of your advanced driver assistance systems long before a physical prototype is available thanks to the following advantages afforded by virtual test driving:

  • Conduct reproducible and automated tests with CarMaker, TruckMaker and MotorcycleMaker – in the office, via high-performance computing (HPC) and in the cloud
  • Utilize powerful environment simulation, ideal and physical sensor models and flexible options to fuse sensor data
  • Test driver assistance functions at the software-in-the-loop stage in multiple real-time and generate automatable maneuver catalogs as well as reports with Test Manager
  • Utilize pre-configured scenario catalogs, for example to virtually check the assessment results of the Euro NCAP organization in advance


  • Virtually test complex scenarios quickly and easily - integrate and adapt infrastructure, additional road users, the condition of road surface and much else in any test scenario with the click of a mouse and display the respective results in the real-time visualization tool IPGMovie
  • Import extensive road networks from map data with just a few mouse clicks
  • Automatically transfer scenarios based on real test drives accurately to the virtual environment
  • Ability to test and experience the driver assistance functions by merging the physical vehicle with the virtual world using the vehicle-in-the-loop method


Improved validation thanks to comprehensive sensor technologies

The development process of ADAS necessitates a massive test effort since the sensors’ required functionalities need to be tested in all conceivable scenarios. Validation using virtual tests is therefore assuming an ever-greater role. Virtual test driving enables a variety of systems and components to be tested and optimized within the full vehicle early on.

With the CarMaker product family, users now have access to all sensor technologies to test ADAS in one simulation solution. Real-time capable, virtual modeling and individual adaptation via a large number of parameters is now possible for camera, lidar, radar and ultrasonic systems.

In this way, the sources of errors in the functions of driver assistance systems can be identified and eliminated already during the development stage, whether the tests focus on object detection or on the resulting decisions.

At a glance:

Advantages of virtual testing with models of all real sensor technologies with the CarMaker product family:

  • Real-time capable testing of ADAS with different sensor models in interaction
  • Option of individual adjustments of sensor models
  • Validation of ADAS
  • Early identification of sources of errors in the development of ADAS

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