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Virtual test driving supports you in developing driver assistance systems and automated driving functions

When it comes to driving in traffic, one thing is paramount: Advanced driver assistance systems need to function in every conceivable traffic scenario. Executing the right maneuver at the right time is key. As the number of assistance functions continues to grow, this leads to increased interaction with other vehicle systems. Our automotive systems engineering approach is a clearly formulated motivation for helping you find suitable solutions for the development of your systems. Because we know what drives you: Developing more functions in shorter time frames with high volumes of testing. But what is the best way to test advanced driver assistance systems? Our answer: in virtual prototypes – as early as possible. This allows you to conduct early testing on individual functions or system networks without a real prototype, yet in realistic traffic scenarios within the context of the whole vehicle.

Front-loading can also help you to achieve greater system maturity, since advanced driver assistance systems need to be able to initiate driving functions independently and intervene in driving maneuvers. We can reproduce the relevant factors for your tests in the virtual world: from sensor models through road networks to other road users and much more. When testing advanced driver assistance systems, development work needs to take into account not only the vehicle itself but the entire surrounding environment as well. This is not some far-off vision, but state-of-the-art technology. Our expertise and technologies can provide you with active support. Use virtual test driving as a complement to real-world tests to allow you to bring your systems into series production within very short time frames. Your customers will drive – or be driven – more safely as a result. Because we can supply you with the best equipment for testing automated and autonomous driving functions as well.

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Manage the development and testing of your advanced driver assistance systems thanks to the following advantages afforded by virtual test driving:

  • Conduct reproducible and automated tests with CarMaker, TruckMaker and MotorcycleMaker.
  • Test detailed scenarios with numerous objects and road users based on maneuvers, events, or scenarios.
  • Generate extensive road networks from ADAS RP with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Automatically transfer exact scenarios based on real-world test drives with a diverse range of sensors to the virtual environment.
  • Utilize powerful environment and sensor models and benefit from the ability to fuse sensor data.
  • Test driver assistance functions at the software-in-the-loop stage in multiple real-time, parallelize your simulation using HPC, and generate automatic reports with Test Manager.
  • Analyze assessment results from Euro NCAP virtually in advance.
  • Test driver assistance functions by merging real vehicles with the virtual world in a tangible way with the vehicle-in-the-loop method.

Virtual testing of ADAS and automated driving functions: adaptive cruise control
Virtual testing of ADAS and automated driving functions: sensors of parking assistant
Virtual testing of ADAS and automated driving functions: lane keeping assistant

Our solutions for your driver assistance applications

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