Suspension design, handling performance & ride comfort: We make chassis development easier

Every OEM would like their vehicle to be unique and recognizable, which is why every manufacturer develops their own specific vehicle DNA. Chassis design and handling performance play a significant role in shaping this DNA. Since a well-designed chassis is a prerequisite for good handling performance and ride comfort, the vehicle axle is particularly important in this regard.

Our solutions make chassis development easier. From pure chassis design (kinematics and elasto-kinematics) to testing the axle during various driving maneuvers in the whole vehicle to lap time optimization on race tracks – CarMaker facilitates virtual testing. For application scenarios such as optimizing lap time, you will benefit from the automatic analysis of assessment criteria that CarMaker offers. This also forms the basis for DoE-based optimization.

Chassis design and tuning

Simulation makes efficient chassis design and tuning possible

As part of chassis design, the kinematic behavior of the axle must be defined. First, the axle type is specified, followed by the kinematic, steering kinematic and elasto-kinematic behavior. In doing so, care is taken to ensure that the behavior of the axle corresponds to the specific vehicle DNA of each individual manufacturer. The movement of the wheel during spring compression and extension forms the basis of analysis. When testing elasto-kinematic behavior, additional propulsion, brake and side forces are also taken into account.

IPGKinematics offers the right simulation solution for your chassis design needs.

Investigating handling performance

Achieving the desired handling performance and ride comfort with virtual test driving

Once the axles have been designed, the next step is to test their behavior during standard maneuvers in the context of the whole vehicle: How does the vehicle perform during steady-state circular driving, lane changes, slalom driving or sine with dwell tests? During testing, various axle weight distributions – reflecting various vehicle variants – and various load conditions are factored in, and their effects on handling performance are analyzed.

With our simulation solutions, you can easily test handling performance virtually. The axle’s K&C data can be generated with IPGKinematics. Integrating existing axle data into CarMaker is also simple: The ADAMS Data Converter converts ADAMS axle data and the KnC Data Converter converts existing measurement data from test benches. With the real-time capable MBS axles in CarMaker, we also offer an alternative one-tool solution, which allows you to conduct axle design tests – such as adjusting hard points and analyzing the effects on vehicle dynamics – directly in CarMaker. 

Lap time optimization

Optimizing axles for excellent lap times

Even with a well-designed chassis and highly rated handling performance, the question of how to optimize the axles remains. For racing in particular, optimally designed axles are critical for outstanding lap times.

Our simulation solutions support you during the optimization process. By making MBS axles available in CarMaker, offering the management tools Test Manager and Test Ware, and integrating the DoE tools of other software providers, we ensure that your process runs efficiently.

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