Virtual reality & driving simulators: Experience real driving right from the start

The user-oriented design of the human machine interface (HMI) is a critical factor in the development of new vehicle concepts. To keep modification costs as low as possible during the development process, it is important to determine whether communication between the driver and the vehicle is reliable and clear, right at an early stage.

Is the operation of the system intuitive? Does the driver understand the functional limits of the technology? How does the transition between (partially) automated and driver-controlled driving work? How do test participants rate the configuration of vehicle dynamics control systems?

Immersive technologies blur the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds, enabling designers, developers and clients to interact in reality with products which are still in development. Our simulation solutions provide physically accurate visualizations in virtual spaces. Realistic simulation of vehicle dynamics in driving simulators is also popular. 

Virtual reality

The earlier, the better: acceptance studies and ergonomic studies in cyberspace

Virtual reality (VR) is the main method for investigating questions of acceptance and ergonomics before the production of the first prototype. Articulated 3D visualizations in the CAVE, on the Powerwall or in the head-up display create virtual spaces that allow designers, design engineers, function development engineers, and test participants to visually experience HMI systems in a virtual test drive. Highly realistic 3D images linked to physically accurate movement data from CarMaker create a palpable and emotional product experience.

  • Test head-up displays even before the hardware is available, e.g. with our solutions for the vehicle-in-the-loop method: Which displayed data is helpful, and which is distracting? When do warnings need to be given in order to effectively protect against critical situations? 
  • Investigate the all-round visibility of your vehicle in the virtual cockpit, e.g. during turning or parking maneuvers. Simulate all relevant traffic scenarios using IPGRoad and IPGTraffic.
  • Another application scenario where the design issues depend on a realistic representation of vehicle dynamics: Visually test, for example, whether the rocker panels on your digital prototypes are damaged when driving over bumps or curbs. 
  • Integrate a steering wheel with hands on/hands off detection into your System Experience Platform and check whether the transition from autopilot to driver works in automated driving.
  • Participant tests assess how well the participants cope with complex traffic situations. Do they receive effective support from advanced driver assistance systems? With our maneuver-, event- and scenario-based testing, you can model real-world situations 1:1 in the virtual world – and always under reproducible conditions!
  • Do you want to win the management over to your latest ideas? Virtual test driving promotes a common understanding between engineers and decision-makers.
Driving simulators

Experience vehicle dynamics up close

Whether highly dynamic hexapod simulators with advanced immersive technologies or static seating bucks – CarMaker can be easily integrated into different software and hardware environments. CarMaker not only supplies you with the data for controlling the motion platform, you also benefit from the other features of virtual test driving. For example, many clients use IPGMovie to visualize test drives. You can also deploy route profiles featuring inclines, declines or particular surface profiles with IPGRoad. To test advanced driver assistance systems, you can use IPGTraffic to create test scenarios with pedestrians, vehicles, traffic lights, traffic signs, etc. 

  • Test vehicle handling and comfort, as well as quick basic configuration of vehicle dynamics control systems such as ESC.
  • Validate control systems in interaction with a driver using model-, software-, or hardware-in-the-loop tests.
  • Examine the condition of the driver (tiredness, attentiveness, etc.) in order to create driver models as a basis for off-line simulations.
  • Test and validate advanced driver assistance systems.
  • Conduct acceptance and ergonomics investigations with test participants.
CGI production

Video marketing: Allow your vehicle to take center stage

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine the movie industry – particularly the genres of science fiction and fantasy – without computer generated imagery (CGI), i.e. the electronic generation and editing of images. CGI applications have come to play an important role in the automotive industry as well. Marketing departments in particular use computer-generated films to produce the most realistic moving images possible. Ideally, the CAD data used in construction is reused for CGI production. After any necessary reprocessing, you can use CAD data to create photorealistic computer models which can be used in films or even AR and VR environments. 

CarMaker sets your digital vehicle in motion. Without any additional effort, CarMaker supplies the necessary data and parameters to create impressive and physically accurate movements. 

  • Save on the high costs for complex film shoots and prototypes.
  • Start creating your marketing materials during product development.
  • Fully automatic and convenient route generation is possible using IPGRoad.

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Media type: PresentationDate: 01.01.2016 Language: EnglishFile format: PDFSize: 1.67 MB simulator: CarMaker on the driving simulator at TU Dresden (Apply & Innovate 2016) simulator conceptdriving simulators TU Dresden
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Subjective driving perception: CarMaker on the driving simulator at the IVK (Apply & Innovate 2016)

virtual testingadvanced driver assistance systemsdriving simulatorIVKFKFSHonda R&D Europe
Media type: PresentationDate: 01.01.2014 Language: EnglishFile format: PDFSize: 3.09 MB

ADAS development in CarMaker: Brake system by KIT (Apply & Innovate 2014)

driving simulatorsADASDILHIL
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Driver-in-the-Loop at rFpro: In the simulation and on the driving simulator (Apply & Innovate 2014)

driving simulatorssimulatorsdriver-in-the-loopDIL
Media type: PresentationDate: 01.01.2012 Language: EnglishFile format: PDFSize: 0.51 MB

Driving simulators: CarMaker at JLR (Apply & Innovate 2012)

driving simulatorvehicle model JLR

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