Automated & autonomous driving: Innovations for the mobility of the future

Automated & autonomous driving: Driver sitting in a car that is surrounded by virtual environment

Turn ideas into reality, test the feasibility of your plans and develop the functions that you have dreamt up. Virtual test driving takes you a big step closer to autonomous driving. 

We can assist you by providing expert support and varied solutions to the specific issues you will encounter when developing and testing automated and autonomous vehicles: 

  • How can I test the broad range of test cases and the complex scenarios involved in advanced driver assistance systems in a reproducible, automated and efficient way?
  • How do highly automated vehicles make drivers aware that they need to take back the controls? And how much time can be permitted for the handover from system to human driver? 
  • What data does an advanced driver assistance system need to function reliably – and what driving functions will be initiated if this information is missing?

We know that these questions and many more will drive your work from the moment development begins. We also have the right tools to help you find answers to your questions. Our product portfolio of software, hardware, and powerful test systems is complemented by our Engineering Services – we have the perfect solutions for testing your automated driving functions in every development phase.

We help you navigate your roadmap with virtual test driving:

  • Test complex scenarios faster and more easily in the virtual world – at the click of a mouse, infrastructure, other road users, road surface conditions and much more can be integrated and fully adapted in any test scenario, and relevant results can be analyzed in the IPGMovie real-time visualization.
  • Create virtual scenarios based on real-world test drives with ease: A variety of methods and collaboration with experienced partners allow you to draw on the latest technologies, such as scenario generation, and to import entire scenarios automatically into our open integration and test platforms.
  • Many sensors, one simple solution: We offer you all the sensor models you need to develop algorithms for functions and sensor data fusion. Function development is easy with the ideal sensors already available in CarMaker pro. The Physical Sensor Models provide additional support when you want to perform more detailed analyses taking physical effects into account.
  • You can rely on us to take testing to the next level of automation. Easily create test scenarios with the Test Configurator, drive countless kilometers automatically in the virtual world, day or night, with CarMaker, TruckMaker and MotorcycleMaker, take advantage of the automatable maneuver catalogs and receive automatic reports from Test Manager.
  • No matter how many test scenarios you would like your virtual prototype to complete, CarMaker will support you in conducting extensive, conclusive tests with high performance computing (HPC).
  • Play it safe: Ensure that you meet all functional safety requirements by conducting early testing where a high level of system maturity is attained.
  • Long before your actual prototype is available, test whether your vehicle functions meet the specifications laid down by ISO 26262 at ASIL D level. Front-loading saves you great amounts of time and money due to conclusive testing.

Meeting the challenges of autonomous driving together


For many years, autonomous vehicles were a far-off vision – but now this vision is within reach, with ever more partially and highly automated driving functions finding their way onto the market. But what exactly does such a future entail? What will happen when two or more autonomous vehicles come face to face – how will they react? Thanks to the range of functions in CarMaker, you are able to examine precisely this issue. Would you prefer our experienced engineers to find a solution for you?

With our excellent knowledge of advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving functions in virtual test driving, we would be happy to support you with this and to develop specific projects together with you. In addition, we provide expertise in funded projects with renowned automotive manufacturers and suppliers, and work jointly with them to develop methods of further improving virtual testing for the autonomous driving of the future. You design the autonomous vehicles of the future to be safe and comfortable – and we enable you to test them efficiently today!

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Cultural factors in ADAS development researched by ASCS (Apply & Innovate 2014)

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